WWDC 2013 Predictions: Here Comes iOS 7, But What Else?

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) doesn't kick off until 6pm tonight, but the internet's been wildly speculating about the company's plans for months. Some of it is almost definite (hello, flat design) and some of it's absurd (stop it with this). Here are all the goodies we actually expect Tim Cook and his funky bunch to throw at us later today. Read More >>

AirDrop File Sharing: The Most Persistant iOS Rumour Has Returned

In 2011, Apple introduced AirDrop for OS X Lion, a feature that makes sharing a file between two Macs as easy as dragging and dropping it. Two and a half years later, we're still waiting to see it on iOS. Could we finally get peer-to-peer iPhone and iPad sharing in iOS 7? Read More >>

How the James Dyson Award Winner Created the Airdrop

Our brothers down under at Giz Australia interviewed Edward Linacre, the winner of the annual James Dyson Award, about his Airdrop irrigation creation. If you ever wondered about the difficulties of inventing something, give it a read -- from the long hours, to stress about patents, to being inspired by Star Wars, Linacre spells it all out. [Giz Australia] Read More >>

An Invention That Sucks the Water Out of Dry Skies Has Won This Year's James Dyson Award

What's in the water down under? This is the second year in a row an Aussie has won the James Dyson Award, with both designs also aiming to save lives -- albeit in very different ways. This year's winning product is Airdrop, a network of pipes that sucks water from the air and feeds drought-stricken Australia with the condensation it needs to grow plants. Read More >>


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