BA Finally Gets Permission to Let You Keep Watching Stuff on Taxi, Take-Off and Landing

British Airways is just about to become the first airline in the UK to allow you to watch movies, TV shows, and listen to music from the moment you sit down in your seat to the moment you disembark the aircraft. Finally, why did it take so bloody long? Read More >>

Swapping TVs for iPads Makes Planes 7 Percent Lighter

What would happen if you ripped out all the TVs and associated wiring from a plane, and gave everyone an iPad instead? Well, we just found out: the plane becomes 7 percent lighter, and saves an awful lot of fuel as a result. Read More >>

Virgin Becomes the First UK Airline to Let You Jabber On Your Blower Mid-Flight

Virgin's just rolled out in-flight calling, provided AeroMobile, which will set you back about the same as your regular roaming provider. Finally, you'll be able to make that crucial in-flight call to your mates, to find out what the hell caused you to get that effigy of Sir Richard Branson tattooed on your back when you were blind drunk last night. Read More >>


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