You Definitely Can't Afford a Round-the-World Trip in a Four Seasons Jet

Most of us can't afford the luxury of being comfortable while traveling, but if you're loaded, fancy hotel chain the Four Seasons wants to fly you around the world on a nine-destination trip in a black Boeing 757. Forget adventure. This is luxury. Read More >>

The Typhoon Looks Like a Futuristic Fighter With its New Top Tanks

This picture—taken by airplane photographer Luigi Sani—shows a weird smooth hump on the central fuselage of an Eurofighter Typhoon. It's one of its two new top Conformal Fuel Tanks, designed to further extend its range. They are now being tested by BAE Systems in wind tunnels. Read More >>

The Design Secrets of Luxury First Class Airplane Seats

If you think being packed on an airplane with strangers sucks, then you're probably a pleb like us who flies economy. But first class? It's an entirely different alcohol-lubricated world up there—a world where a single seating unit can cost hundreds of thousand of pounds. Read More >>

This Vertical Take-Off Drone System is So Versatile

Drones are getting pretty advanced, and they're continuing to prove their usefulness. They can do anything from dodge bullets to land on aircraft carriers. And up next is an emerging new class of drones that can take off and land vertically, thanks to the likes of the new Arcturus UAV Jump system. Read More >>

How the Teenage Stowaway Survived a Flight to Hawaii in a Wheel Well

By now, you've likely heard the insane story of a 16-year-old boy who survived a five-hour flight from California to Hawaii hidden in a wheel well. How the hell did his body make it through sub-zero temperatures with little oxygen? Probably by going into "suspended animation," a strange, frozen state that's about as close you can get to death without dying. Read More >>

Your Tastebuds, Not the Food, are to Blame for the Bad Taste of Airplane Meals

Airplane food tastes disgusting. Or does it? New research into food served at 35,000 feet suggests that it is changes in the way that our tastebuds work while flying, not the food itself, that's to blame for crummy-tasting meals. Read More >>

This Plane Will Circle the World Using Only the Power of the Sun

You've probably heard about the ambitious, almost impossible-sounding project to fly a solar-powered plane around the world without refuelling. But now, about a year before the voyage is scheduled to begin, you get your first look at the plane itself. It's unlike any plane you've seen before. Read More >>

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8 Hours of Airplanes Departing From Los Angeles in One Photo

Los Angeles architectural photographer Mike Kelley posted this awesome image of almost all the departures and some of the arrivals at LAX during a period of eight hours last Sunday. Read More >>

I Can't Believe This Plane Managed to Land in Such Bad Weather

The pilot in this twisting and turning plane must be ridiculously disciplined, have palms that never sweat, a personality that never stresses and big brass ones because that's what it takes to land a plane in such terrible weather. Read More >>

The F-35 is Delayed Again, Now Because of Software

A US government report reveals that the DOD's F-35 will be delayed yet again. This time, the problem is stalled software development. It's just the latest in a long line of delays and problems. Read More >>

Malaysian Officials: MH370 is Lost Because Nothing Else Makes Sense

In two separate press conferences, the Australian Defence Minister and the CEO of Malaysia Airlines reiterated that flight MH370 is lost with no survivors, mirroring the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razik's announcement not 24 hours earlier. But both added one troubling addition; they've come to this conclusion because there's no evidence to disprove it. Read More >>

MH370 Plane "Has Been Lost and None of Those on Board Survived"

Those sad words were said this morning at a press conference by the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razik. It has been confirmed thanks to new analysis that the last-known position of MH370 was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, southwest of Perth, Western Australia. Read More >>

The Tech That Australia is Using to Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Australia and New Zealand have today found a new lead in relation to the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 which has now been missing for almost two weeks, and it’s dumping a whole lot of maritime tech on the situation to try and determine whether it’s credible. Read More >>

All the Airplanes That Have Mysteriously Vanished Since 1948

As this Bloomberg map shows, Malaysian flight 370 is not the first flight to mysteriously disappear. 83 flights have vanished since 1948; 80 of them never to be found again (the dots in yellow). This map only includes flights capable of carrying more than 14 passengers. Read More >>

Why are Most Planes Painted White?

Here's a difficult question to answer without getting involved in a heated internet argument that eventually spills over into real-world violence -- why are big planes mostly white? Shouldn't Branson's Virgin fleet be red? Is there some sort of law? Does it help with visibility? Read More >>

Flight MH370 Debris May Have Been Spotted in the Australian Stretch of the Indian Ocean

The mystery surrounding Flight MH370 has spawned numerous conspiracy theories, but an answer to how the plane managed to have seemingly vanished could be on its way -- Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has revealed that debris has been spotted in the south Indian Ocean which could potentially be the remains of the craft. Read More >>


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