Pure Contour i1 Air Dock Offers the Apple Holy Trinity: AirPlay, 30-pin and Lightning

You've got a click-wheel 30-pin iPod housing your complete Bob Seger collection sat next to a brand-spanking new, Lightning connection-equipped iPhone 5S fit to burst with dub-step playlists. Is there not a single speaker dock to blare out the disperate treasures tucked away within each? Yes there is, and it's called the Pure Contour i1 Air. Read More >>

Qualcomm's AllPlay Might be the Android AirPlay We've Been Waiting For

There might soon be another media streaming tech spec listed on the boxes of Qualcomm-powered Android hardware, thanks to the chip specialist revealing its new AllPlay wireless music streaming format. Read More >>

Your Phone Will Soon Spew 4K Video From Its USB Port

The Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) standard, beloved of Roku and Android phone manufacturers, is about to get exciting: an update coming in September will allow phones to spit out 4K video from their USB ports. Read More >>

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How to Get Movies, Music, and More From Your Mobile Device to Your TV

There's not much your phone or tablet can't do these days, beyond maybe displaying their troves of mobile content on a screen larger than 10 inches. But that's what televisions are for. And, with one of these five methods, you'll be able to seamlessly throw music and movies from your little screen to your big screen. Read More >>

For Music Fans, Google Chromecast Is No Apple AirPlay

About two and a half years after Evolver.fm started taking Google to task over its lack of a super-simple wireless music solution along the lines of Apple's AirPlay for zapping music to speakers around the house, Google unveiled on Wednesday what some are calling its answer to AirPlay: Chromecast. Read More >>

Bowers & Wilkins Z2: A Beautiful AirPlay Speaker with a Cozy Nest for Your iPhone

Speaker docks outfitted with Apple's Lightning dock connector seem like kind of waste these days. Wireless music is the future, homie! But does this new beauty from Bowers & Wilkins look like a dock? Where's the port? It's hidden by clever design. Read More >>

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Bowers and Wilkins A7: This Thing Is So Good. This Thing Is So Expensive.

Bowers & Wilkins makes some of our favourite audio hardware. We also happen to love AirPlay—so the union of the two should be terrific, right? Sort of. The A7 speaker is tremendous—but it's just so, so expensive. Read More >>

Google Working on Open AirPlay Competitor

Google's next assimilation target is Apple's AirPlay media streaming and networking solution, with the Android developer said to be working on its own, open, method of pinging music, videos and other data to and from wireless devices. Read More >>

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AirPlay Speaker or Surround Sound System? With This Speaker, It's Your Choice

You might live in a small flat now, and really only need a single wireless speaker to handle your music needs. But then you move into a bigger flat, with a big, beautiful TV and need more audio power. Instead of relegating your trusty AirPlay speaker to second-class status and starting ove on the audio front, you could take a speaker like UnMonday's 4.3L and repurpose it into a single satellite as part of a 5.1 dolby digital surround sound system. Read More >>

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Libratone Zipp Review: A Sweet-Sounding, Great-Looking Airplay Speaker That's Easy to Use

There will be wireless speakers in the future. Whether they will use DLNA, AirPlay, or Bluetooth isn't certain—none of those technologies are quite perfect yet. But some, like Libratone's new Zipp AirPlay speaker, are very close. And it's better the previous Libratone Live in nearly every way. Read More >>

The Libratone Zipp Could Be the Best AirPlay Speaker Yet

Libratone's last AirPlay outing was a beautifully designed dud—it was just way, way too expensive. But their next stab, a compact cylinder wrapped in wool, has the chance to be the best take on AirPlay we've ever seen. Read More >>

These Massively Powerful Bowers & Wilkins AirPlay Speakers Need to Get Into My Living Room Immediately

If you want quality wireless audio, AirPlay is the only way to go. There are plenty of AirPlay speaker systems to choose from, but on style alone the new Bowers and Wilkins A7's handsome design has us sold. And they're freaking powerful too. Read More >>

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What Is Miracast?

Everyone really likes AirPlay, Apple's Wi-Fi streaming standard that lets you send movies and music from, say, your iPhone to your speakers or Apple TV. Now there's a new standard out to do pretty much the same thing for everyone else. But how is it different from previous attempts? Read More >>

Apple Planning a New Version of AirPlay that Doesn't Need a Separate Wi-Fi Network

There could be some really awesome new products coming our way next month at Apple's rumoured September iPhone event. The Telegraph is reporting that Apple is going to release an update to AirPlay—dubbed "AirPlay Direct"— that would take away the need for a home Wi-Fi network. Read More >>

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Russound AirGo Outdoor Speaker Review: I Froze It. I Drowned It. It Would Not Die.

Russound makes speakers camouflaged as rocks to sit out by the pool at your mansion. Their tough outdoor products, it turns out, can also survive over five months on a Brooklyn fire escape. The sound might not be the greatest, and the product may be inelegant, absurd, and expensive, but the weird AirGo Outdoor Speaker is brutally tough and undeniably effective. Read More >>

Where Is This Beautiful Table Hiding an AirPlay Speaker?

If you hate the thought of having a set of speakers mucking up the minimal aesthetics of your home—but still love to entertain—this simple glass-topped wooden table doubles as an AirPlay compatible speaker. It's just too bad the cost of keeping your electronics out of sight is a whopping £3,700. Read More >>


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