Alan Turing Has Finally Been Given a Royal Pardon

Alan Turing, computing pioneer and the brain that cracked the Enigma Code -- considerably shortening the World War II conflict -- has finally been given a royal pardon, 60 years after his death. Read More >>

Celebrate Computer Science While You Play Alan Turing Monopoly

While most new Monopoly sets desperately try to keep up with the times — swapping cash for credit cards or using circular boards — here's one which celebrates the past. Now you can play the property-trading game while celebrating the life of the father of computer science, Alan Turing. Read More >>

What It's Like to Judge the Turing Test

"What are your favourite Sci Fi movies?" "I like Star Wars and The Matrix," comes the typed reply. I am trying to work out if I'm talking to a "hidden human" in the next room, or actually a machine located somewhere in cyberspace. Read More >>

Celebrate Alan Turing's 100th Birthday With a Turing Machine Google Doodle

If Alan Turing were still alive today, he would have just turned 100-years-old. That's why Google's paying tribute to the pioneering computer genius with a Google Doodle that simulates the behaviour of a Turning machine. Read More >>

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This Beautifully Mesmerising Lego Turing Machine Recreates the Birth of the Modern Computer

The ideas and methods behind the modern computer were first dreamt up by a Brit way back in 1936. Alan Turing's machine formed the basis for the world's first computer that was used to break the German encryption codes in World War II. Now you can make one yourself out of Lego. Read More >>

Turing's Nazi Enigma Code-Breaking Secrets Have Been Declassified

Over 70 years ago, father of computer science Alan Turing developed the techniques which enabled quick and efficient decryption of the Nazis' Enigma-scrambled messages. Now, the secrets behind his techniques — hidden away in research documents since the Second World War — have been declassified. Read More >>

Alan Turing to Feature in 'Britons of Distinction' Stamp Series

Everyone's favourite historical nerd is going to be immortalised on a stamp, with the Royal Mail's 'Britons of Distinction' series set to feature Mr Computers himself, Alan Turing. Read More >>

Pardon Alan Turing Petition Open for Your Consideration

If you have a passing interest in the life of Alan Turing and the great innovations he was responsible for, there's some small way you can help -- signing a petition to have him pardoned of his "crime." Read More >>

Alan Turing's Biopic Might Get the Hollywood Hunk Treatment from Leo DiCaprio

Alan Turing, the venerable WWII-era nerd icon who helped crack the Nazi Enigma machines and came up with the robot sentience-checking Turing Test, is the subject of a new biopic, and apparently Leonardo DiCaprio "has the inside track" to play him. Read More >>


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