This Personal Alarm Weaponises Your House Key

The Hit's unique design actually makes it incredibly difficult to silence the alarm if you don't know the secret to deactivating it. So you'll want to encourage your friends not to mess around with it. And if the alarm doesn't scare off a would-be attacker, you can do a considerable amount of physical harm with the key that automatically pops up when the alarm is activated. Read More >>

Tangible Alarm Smartphone Dock: Shove to Snooze

It's early morning. Your phone is screaming at you. Unless you open you eyes and seek out some the right little virtual button, it'll never stop. But the Tangible Alarm could bring back the eyes-closes snooze-button flailing of days gone by. Read More >>

Old-Fashioned Bell Accessory Guarantees You'll Never Sleep Through Your iPhone's Alarm

The bedside alarm clock is just one of many devices made obsolete by smartphones. But with their puny speakers it's not impossible to sleep through a phone's alarm. Unless you've got this questionable iBell Mini accessory that merges tried and tested old-fashioned alarm clock technology with new. Read More >>

star wars
This Is the Alarm Clock Droid You're Looking For (At a Price You Definitely Weren't)

This isn't the first R2-D2-themed alarm clock to grace these pages, but serious collectors (and serious sleepers) might want to take note of this iteration. Made from the highly-detailed and accurate moulds used to churn out R2-D2 plastic models, this astromech alarm clock plays a symphony of Star Wars themes and rolls around your room when it's time to get out of bed. Read More >>

Protect Your Home Like a Top Secret Government Facility With a Sweeping Laser Security System

A home alarm system will automatically call the police in the event of a break-in, but by the time officers arrive, the intruders may have already taken your valuables. So this laser security system serves as an additional visual deterrent that your home is as protected as the most secure government facility. Read More >>

What Happens When You Set Off Every Car Alarm in a Parking Lot at Once?

What would you do if you were in some random parking lot—Lowe's, let's say—and all of a sudden dozens of car alarms started going off at once? Would you shrug it off like the dead-to-everything city dweller you are? Maybe duck and run and wet yourself because Galactus is obviously coming to devour our planet? Improv Everywhere found out when it pulled the prank for the Guggenheim this past week. The verdict? Fun! But harder to turn off than you'd think. Read More >>

The Simplest-Looking Watch on the Planet Is Actually Super Smart

The Mutewatch may look like just a loop of plastic with a buckle, but don't let its featureless face fool you. With one tap, a digital time display appears on your wrist. Read More >>

New Hospital Alarm System Shames Scottish Smokers into Stopping

There's no smoking in front of Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Scotland — the sign says so — though nobody really paid attention to it. That's why the hospital installed a loudspeaker-backed smoke alarm commanding cigarette scofflaws — in no uncertain terms — to cut that crap out. Read More >>

Wake Up Absolutely Terrified With the Brian Blessed Alarm App

The Brian Blessed iOS alarm app features "over 30" newly recorded clips of the big man himself, promising to aggressively shout you out of bed earlier and more alert than ever before. Read More >>


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