How Alcoholism Is Linked to Extreme Weight-Loss

Recent research out of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center sheds new light on the correlation between gastric bypass surgery and the increased risk of developing an alcohol addiction. Read More >>

Alcoholism Can Now Be Treated with Prescription Drugs

Sometimes, quitting can be hard work — especially if you have an alcohol dependency. Now, however, it could be a whole lot easier: France has just cleared a new anti-alcoholism drug for use by its nation of claret swillers. Read More >>

Is Everyone You Know an Alcoholic?

Alcoholism is usually viewed as a binary: Either you're addicted to alcohol or you're not. Now psychologists are starting to consider the possibility that there are legions of "almost alcoholics" out there who are quietly afflicted but don't know what to do about it. And from the looks of it, this group could include everyone you know. Read More >>

what is
What Is a Hangover?

Yippee! Let's poison ourselves with beverages that will make us violently ill! It was your battle cry last night, and today you're paying the price. But what is that hangover you're experiencing, exactly? Read More >>

This Gene Fuels Your Impulsive, Addicted Behavior... If You're a Dude

Scientists wanted to know why a particular gene kept coming up in studies related to both addiction and obesity. The connection? Impulsivity. But only for men. Read More >>


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