Drug Traffickers Post 140kg of Cocaine to Aldi Branch in Banana Shipment Error

Staff working in a Berlin branch of Aldi had a bit of a shock upon opening a crate of bananas, and this time it wasn't a comically enormous meat-eating spider. It was 140kg of cocaine that somehow went to the wrong place. Read More >>

Cheapo 28p Aldi Mince Pies Smash the Posh Competition in Ultimate Christmas Taste Test

Self-appointed consumer watchdog Which? had a whale of a time recently, buying mince pies from all the major retailers on work expenses and comparing them against each other in a taste test. And the cheapest option, from budget supermarket chain Aldi, beat them all. Even the poshos from Fortnum's. Read More >>

FSA: Findus "Beef" Lasagne Was Up to 100 Per Cent Horse

The horsemeat scandal trots on thanks to our French friends. After Tesco's burger blunder, the Food Standards Agency has been looking into supposedly "beef" meals. Turns out, Findus Beef Lasagne was in fact horse lasagne, or between 60 to 100 per cent horse, to be exact. Read More >>


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