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This Time Lapse of Iceland Is So Beautifully Alien

You can travel every inch of this world and probably travel every inch of the galaxy and you'd find very few places more beautiful than Iceland. Even alien paradises don't look this good. Stian Rekdal covered over 3,000 miles and took more than 40,000 photos of Iceland over three weeks to cook this time lapse video up and it's so worth it. More efficient than combing through the entire universe to find something better. [Stian Rekdal via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

This Life-Size Lego Alien Facehugger Will Haunt Your Dreams

Carlos Valero is the brilliant mind behind this functional, life-size and creepy-as-hell Lego Alien Facehugger. This MOC 1:1 scale model uses only 500 bricks, and is so beautifully-accurate it would make Giger blush. Read More >>

Watch These Classic Movie Trailers Re-Purposed for Vine

Trailer-editing professionals TOKYO experimented with Vine recently by re-editing a handful of trailers into six-second, near seizure-inducing cinematic bursts inspired by The Wolverine Vine trailer. You've never seen Aliens like this. Read More >>

Nvidia's New Headquarters Is Going to Look More Alien Than Apple's Spaceship

If Apple's upcoming campus is a spaceship, then NVIDIA's planned headquarters must be the alien planet that it lands on. Celebrating its 20th year birthday, NVIDIA has announced plans to build a building that looks, if not completely alien, then at the very least reptilian. Read More >>

Sexy Pulsating Eggs Earned Alien its 18 Certificate

When Alien was released here in 1979 it was given an "X" rating under the old cinema classification system, but not because of its chest-bursting horror. It was due to censors thinking the alien eggs would be a bit too weird and sexy for the innocent kids of the day. Read More >>

Prometheus 2 Confirmed, Only Two Years to Wait

Good news Prometheus fans, after a box office success to the tune of £194m, Ridley Scott has just confirmed rumours that a sequel is definitely in the works, and he's pushing for a 2014 to 2015 release. Read More >>

Ridley Scott Lets Slip That a Prometheus Sequel Is Definitely On-the-Cards

If the mysterious end credits and new video weren't enough of a hint that a Prometheus sequel is on the way, Ridley Scott's more or less confirmed a second film is planned, and it's probably going to be called Paradise. Read More >>

The Humble Bundle Is Your Pay-Whatever-You-Like Deal of the Day

A couple of days ago, we brought you a LONG list of lovely, affordable games that you can bung up your computer's hard drive with before you embark on a long period of hibernation. Today, we've got even more… and they're even better! Read More >>

A 4-Man Tent Is Your Festival-Survival-Shelter Deal of the Day

Festival season is almost upon us and if you're attending one of these outdoor celebrations of music, boozing, smoking and food poisoning, you'll need to get yourself some kind of adequate shelter. Read More >>

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We're a Tad Giddy After Watching This First Clip From Prometheus

As you can probably tell from our past updates, we're a bit excited for Prometheus. Well, a bit is an understatement really -- we're REALLY excited about it. And what better way to get in the mood, than to check out this first clip from the film in all its glory. I really don't think I need to say much more than just watch this. It's nearly here folks; it's nearly here. [YouTube via io9] Read More >>

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If You Thought the Previous Prometheus Trailers Were Good, You Haven't Seen Anything Yet

Now this is what I call a block-busting trailer – the full, three-minute international Prometheus trailer, which debuted on Channel 4 last Sunday, shows off more juicy details than ever. If you were in any doubt that this movie is going to be truly epic, this will put your mind at rest. Read More >>

Diablo III Is Your "Because PC Gamers Are Cool Too" Deal of the Day

We’re regularly ‘pimping’ games at your ‘arses’ here, but more often than not, they’re big, brassy console games. What then of the humble PC? Can the PC gamer not get a bargain these days? Actually, yes. Read More >>

We Watched Twenty Minutes' Footage from Alien Prequel Prometheus (And It Was Awesome)

We've just clapped our eyes on 20 minutes of footage from Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Nothing spoilerific, but enough to give us a better idea of the world and its characters. Already on the verge of a full-blown nerdgasm, we were also treated to a Q&A session with Scott, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace. Read on for the full details. Read More >>

A Street Cleaning Simulator For the PC Is Your "Because GTA's Just too Rough For a Neat-Freak Like Me" Deal of the Day

Today’s top deal is one for those of you who are put off by the high-speed driving and terribly bad behaviour inherent in games such as the GTA series. It also helps if you’re an obsessive-compulsive tidier. Read More >>

An EasyJet Holiday For Just £100 Is Your "Let's Get the Heck Out of Here" Deal of the Day

There’s loads of reasons to want to get out of the UK at the moment. There’s the impending horror of the Olympics; the suffocating nightmare that is the Queen’s Jubilee, and the fact that the government hate us all. Read More >>

A Cheap 32GB Flash Drive Is Your Entire Life On a Stick Deal of the Day

If you think about it, portable data storage is an incredible thing. Little USB sticks that you can cram, music, pictures and movies on to – and it’s small enough for you to carry around in your mouth. Yes, YOUR MOUTH. Read More >>


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