Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX and HD Tablets Slapped With Mammoth UK Prices

Eager for a taste of those new Kindle Fire HDX tablets from Amazon? While I'd advise against actually, you know, eating them, you can certainly wrap your gums around these high-end tablets -- though you may have to forego a few meals in the process. Read More >>

Would Ads on the Kindle Fire HD Actually Bother You (and Will You Buy One?)

Amazon's declared war on not just Google, but Apple too, with last night's Kindle Fire tablet onslaught. In the UK though, we're limited to just the updated Kindle Fire and the smaller Kindle Fire HD 7-inch; basically Nexus 7 challengers, matching or beating it on price. To do that, Amazon's shoving adverts on your shiny new device -- but does that bother you, and is a tablet for £159, or even just £129, too tempting to care about some poxy ads? Read More >>


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