A Whoopee Cushion Is Your Old-School-Laugh-a-Minute Deal of the Day

Yes, Comic Relief might have been and gone a week ago, but that doesn't mean that the laughter has to end. No way, no how. If anything, it's made our thirst for forced jollity even stronger. Read More >>

An Amazon Kindle For Just £60 Is Your Books-Evolved Deal of the Day

It's time to decide which side you're on in the e-reading debate. Are you the sort that mewls about technology, whining on about how 'you don't get the smell or the feel of a real, actual book with those computer thingies'? Yeah, or the germs. Read More >>

Original Kindle Is Your Antiquated Gadget Deal of the Day

Now that Amazon has birthed its Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire devices, it could be easy to forget about the classic e-reader, known to most of us as simply ‘the Kindle’. Read More >>

Amazon's Next Kindle Will Be Front-Lit and Its Next Kindle Fire Will Be Bigger

Reuters is reporting that the next Kindle will be front-lit and will be coming out in July. It's a smart move because it'll let users read their Kindles in the dark and an obvious one for Amazon to make as Barnes and Noble already has a front-lit Nook. Read More >>

Latest-Gen iPod Nano Is Your Sozzlepops, Puke-Green-Only-Guyz Deal of the Day

Normally whenever an MP3 player appears on the scene for less than £50, it’s a shoddy affair. Menus that are hard to navigate, a crappy display and/or the music falls out of the bottom of the thing and ends up all over your shoes. Read More >>

49p Android Apps Are Your Green-Faced-Savings' Deal of the Day

Brace yourselves because we don’t just have one bargain for you today, but a whole host of them. If you’re an Android device user, get ready to spend some pennies and fill your lonely, useless life up with a world of gaming and apping mayhem. Read More >>

Amazon Built the Kindle Fire Cheaply By Design

The Kindle Fire is a huge deal in part at least because it's so cheap. But reports that Amazon is taking a loss to make the tablet a bargain have been greatly exaggerated. The Kindle Fire is inexpensive by design. Read More >>

New Kindle Highlights the Continuing "Rip-Off Britain" Exchange Rate Misery

"Oh great! A new tech thing has been announced in America for a surprisingly affordable price! Can't wait to... oh" Read More >>

This Is Amazon’s New $99 Kindle Touch

Amazon's new Kindle Touch is $99, with the Kindle Fire tablet costing an equally preposterous $200. The $99 price point is for the Special Offers version, though, so if you need a totally ad-free reader, the no-ads version will run you $139. Read More >>

This Is the New Amazon Kindle Fire Color Tablet (Updated With Impressions)

This is incredible. The new Amazon Kindle Fire will cost only $199! This is a killer price for a color tablet. Even while it doesn't match the iPad's features, there's going to be some fierce competition this year. Read More >>

Rumor: The Kindle Fire Is Only a "Stopgap" Before the REAL Amazon Tablet?

Ryan Block at gdgt has word via his sources that the Amazon Kindle Fire—the device that can truly go toe-to-toe with the iPad—isn't the tablet they're putting their faith in. The real new hotness will be the second-gen Fire. And it's coming soon. Read More >>


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