Amazon's Smartphone May be Powerful and Affordable

It has been slow out of the blocks when it comes to putting out an own-brand smartphone, but it looks as though Amazon won't be doing it by half measures if and when it does release a handset. The latest rumours suggest that not only will Amazon's blower be a high-end device, but it'll be priced within reach of even the most penny-pinched tech fans. Take that to heart, Apple. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Subscriptions Will Now Cost £79 a Year

The fateful day has come: Amazon is upping the price of its Prime membership. Prime will cost £79 a year—up from £49. Read More >>

Google Joins Set-Top Gaming Box War With Green Throttle Gaming Team Hire

It looks like Google will be joining Amazon in launching a casual gaming console at some point in the next year, with Google picking up the remnants of Green Throttle -- a startup that offered its own OUYA-like Android Bluetooth gaming controller option. Read More >>

WSJ Reaffirms Rumours That Music Streaming is Headed to Amazon Prime

Last month, Re/code reported that Amazon was in talks to create a streaming music service to bundle with Prime subscriptions. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reaffirming that rumour. Read More >>

Amazon on Game Dev "Hiring Spree" Ahead of Games Console Launch

As well as purchasing home console developer Double Helix a few weeks ago, Amazon is said to be scouring the gaming companies of the US for additional development talent -- strongly suggesting its long-rumoured set-top box is indeed a content delivery trojan it'll be selling as an innocent games machine. Read More >>

First-Gen Kindle Paperwhite Receiving Second-Gen Software Features

...Including Goodreads, kid-friendly FreeTime, improved cloud organiSAtion, and a handful of other little benefits. Read our review of the first Kindle Paperwhite here. [Amazon] Read More >>

Take £2.50 Cashback on Amazon Books With Your "Potentially-Free Reads" Deal of the Day

Reading eh? Apparently, people still read books! Remarkable really, given that there's films and television shows you can watch, or even audiobooks where a celebrity does the reading for you. Some of you people still love a book. Read More >>

Amazon is Gearing Up to Add a Streaming Music Service to Prime

Re/Code reports the claims of industry sources who say Amazon is in talks to create a streaming music service that it would bundle with Prime subscriptions. The report makes a lot of sense, and if true, it would make Amazon Prime an even better deal than it already is. Read More >>

These Kindle Fire HD Tablets are Your "Prime Time Purchase" Deal of the Day

Do you read books? Ones made out of paper? What are you? A troglodyte? Do you also light your house with paraffin lamps and sleep in a bed full of polio with a pan full of urine under it? Get with the programme! Everyone's reading electronic books now! Read More >>

Amazon Prime Instant Video Saves BBC's Axed and Bloodied Ripper Street

BBC drama Ripper Street will be coming back for a third series, after Amazon stepped in with the money to recommission it. New episodes will stream first for Prime Video subscribers, before hitting the BBC "a few months later." Amazon also gets an exclusive on streaming the first two runs of the show in the UK. Read More >>

If Amazon Coins are Your Thing You Can Now Use Them on Any Android Device

If you're going to make a digital currency, for consumers it's not much use if it's only tied to one manufacturer's devices. That's like having to spend a different £5 note in Iceland supermarkets than one you'd need for Sainsbury's. Cutting the cords of exclusivity from its Kindle devices, Amazon has now announced that Amazon Coins can be spent on any Android device through an Amazon Appstore update. [Amazon] Read More >>

A Quick Guide to Amazon's Latest Streaming Video Pilots

From today, Amazon Studios are rolling out a series of brand new pilots in the UK through LOVEFiLM Instant – and there are surprising number of stars in the mix. From a drug-laced drama about classical music with Gael Garcia-Bernal to a dysfunctional family comedy with Jeffrey Tambor – there's something for everybody. Read More >>

The First Trailer for Amazon's The After, by the Man Behind X-Files

Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, has been busy producing a new show called The After for Amazon Studios. The first trailer has landed—but it doesn't really reveal a huge amount about what we can expect if it ever makes it to our shores. Read More >>

Would You Pay More for Amazon Prime?

Amazon admitted in its fourth quarter earnings call that subscribers of their Amazon Prime service are likely to see a price hike of anything between $20 to $40, which equates to roughly £12 to £24, on their annual fee. Read More >>

Time Travellers Review Eighth Series of Doctor Who Before it's Even Been Filmed

Ah, the joys of fake Amazon reviews. Joining the poo-based Gummy Bears thread in the hall of fame comes this bizarre series of reviews of the eighth series of the Doctor Who reboot, left by readers who claim to have come from the future where the episodes have actually been (a) filmed and (b) broadcast. Read More >>

A Saving of £55 on an iPad Mini is Your "Small Tablet, Smallish Price Tag" Deal of the Day

Apple products are nice and all, but what makes people queue in the street for weeks on end, living like tramps just so they can get their hands on something marginally before anyone else? Apple fans may be crackers, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try out the device for yourself. Read More >>


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