999 Emergency Response Driver Sacked for Getting There Too Quickly

Godfrey Smith's job used to be that of a "first responder" emergency services driver, tasked with attending call-outs when people dial 999 in need of help. But he's not any more, after being sacked for doing 33mph in a 20mph zone while on his way to help a man who'd collapsed. Read More >>

Faulty Ambulance Satnav Contributed to Boy's Death

Poor little Corey Seymore, aged nine, suffered heart failure after an asthma attack in his home. Delays in the arrival of the ambulance, which were blamed on a faulty satnav device, were one of the reasons he died. Read More >>

Failure of Police to Deal With London Riots Blamed on Shoddy Radios

The London and UK riots are still somewhat of a sore point -- especially for the Police. A review by the Police Federation into the public unrest has thrown up a question as to why Police were always two-steps behind. The answer, it seems, maybe to do with the crappy radio service our emergency services have got saddled with. Read More >>


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