An Amsterdam Home With a Curious Revamp

The exterior of this brick home in Amsterdam was transformed by Studio Wessels Boer into a large-scale curio case to commemorate its role as one of the original Dutch "dime buildings," an early, 1870s-era attempt at cooperative housing. Each of the custom-made cut-outs tells a story about either the history of the place or a personal narrative from a current resident. [Lustik] Read More >>

Visit This House Being 3D Printed in Amsterdam Right Now

If you think 3D printing is only good for making flimsy paperweights, then you're pretty much right. A group of audacious Dutch architects, however, have just begun 3D printing an entire canal house in Amsterdam. Is the first 3D printed house a gimmick? Definitely! Is it an experiment that pushes the possibilities for 3D printing technology and architecture ? Maybe! Read More >>

Okay, So Vertical Videos are Now Art?

Unperturbed by the scourge of vertical video shot on mobile phones, a bunch of serious artists have banded together for a film festival devoted exclusively to incorrectly oriented videos. Why subject our eyeballs to such unnatural composition? For art, duh. Read More >>

Petrol Stations Transformed into Gorgeous Glowing Zombies

Petrol stations aren't pretty, especially the stark, utilitarian ones that sit just off the motorway with their filthy bathrooms and broken vending machines. But a handful of stops along an Amsterdam roadway got a glowing renovation. Literally. Read More >>

Your Right to Light Up Is Safe: Amsterdam Reverses Anti-Tourist Cannabis Policy

Remember those rumours that Amsterdam was going to stop selling cannabis to tourists from the New Year? Well, today the Mayor of Amsterdam has scrapped those plans so that 1.5 million weed-loving tourists can continue to spark up in their cafes. Read More >>

Brighton Should Become Europe's New Marijuana Holiday Spot, Says Green Party Man

The streets of London's favourite debauched coastal getaway town could turn into an even bigger mess at the weekend, thanks to a Green party spokesman putting out the idea that cannabis could be decriminalised within its limits, creating a little English Amsterdam on the south coast. Read More >>


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