What is the Resolution of the Human Eye?

The new iPhone camera is eight megapixels. Meanwhile, Canon is reportedly testing a new DSLR with 75 megapixels. But how many megapixels is the human eye? That is, how many megapixels would an image the size of your field of vision need to be to look normal? Read More >>

Forensic Artist Reveals the Face of That Skull-Shaped Vodka Bottle

Ever wonder what the face might look like for that skull-shaped Crystal Head vodka bottle? Well, one Scottish forensic scientist recently found out. Read More >>

A Brief History of the Body in 10 Eye-Popping Anatomy Drawings

We've all seen it: That colourful human body, staring blankly ahead in the doctor's office, its stomach skin missing and guts exposed. But have you ever really stepped back and wondered what it took to perfect that anatomical diagram? Read More >>

Science Discovered a New Human Body Part

A funny thing happened in the field of anatomy during the first half of this year. Researchers found a previously unknown human body part. It's inside the eyeball, and it's very small. At 15 microns thick, the newly discovered layer of material is so small that even calling it a new body part feels inappropriate. That's what it is, though. A new body part. Right there in your eye. Read More >>

STD Cupcake Anyone? Sex Education via Baked Goods

If you've never heard of 'extreme cake making', here's a deep end introduction. But a small health warning: these particular items aren't for the prudish, or the squeamish. Yuk. Read More >>

These Eye-Popping Rugs Are Actually Perfectly Flat

These rugs, which depict the five senses of touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing, seem to leap out as three-dimensional shapes as you look at them. Weirdly, though, they are in fact perfectly flat. Read More >>

A Glimpse Into the Archives of Da Vinci's Anatomical Drawings

Leonardo da Vinci was many things: artist, architect, engineer, inventor and—on occasion—scientist. But even though he made many detailed studies of the human form, his anatomical drawings languished unpublished for centuries. Here's a glimpse into his archives. Read More >>

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This Is How a Shark Looks Without Its Skin

This is gross, yet I can't take my eyes away from it. It's a shark without the skin, part of Gunther von Hagens' new exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. Von Hagens' team carefully removed his skin to show the blood system underneath. Read More >>

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Freaky—This Simple Trick Lets You See the Blood Vessels In Your Eye

Sensory adaptation, the same phenomenon that causes you to stop hearing a continually ticking clock, also prevents you from seeing the branching network of blood vessels inside your eye. Except when you use the simple trick demonstrated in this video. Read More >>

You'll Never Look at a Lego Man the Same After Seeing His Open Guts

The humble Lego minifig usually leads a life of adventure and conquest—pirates, knights, Jedi—glamour and thrills. But underneath all that plastic? Pulsating, bleeding bone and organs, just like us. Read More >>


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