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Long-Lost Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Levels Finally Restored in Today's Android Release

If you're a greying gamer of the 16-bit generation with a fondness for sneaker wearing erinaceinae as opposed to mustochioed, mushroom-addled plumbers, you're in for a treat today -- Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is now available for Android in remastered from, restoring the long-lost Hidden Palace Zone. Read More >>

Flick Kick Football Legends Puts the Two-Footed Tackles Back Into the Gaming Kickabout

Ah, the glory days of the 1970s, a time when a two-footed career ending lunge on the football pitch was just as acceptable as brown-coloured wallpaper. Tapping (and swiping) into the heady days of the disco decade is Flick Kick Football Legends, playing out like an interactive Roy of the Rovers comic strip for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Read More >>

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You Won't Believe This Epic Trailer Is For an iPhone Game

We've seen some supposedly "console quality" games before, but this is insane. What you're looking at here is Gameloft's new Modern Combat 5 game, which is basically Call of Duty on your phone. The crazy thing is, it looks almost as good as anything you'd get on a PS3 or Xbox. It's nuts. Read More >>

android apps
Temple Run 2 Now Free on Android Too

Want to see what iOS users have been shouting from the rooftops about? Which clocked up 20 million downloads in just four days? Well now you can, because Temple Run 2 is finally now availble on Google Play, and for absolutely free too. Download it, right this second. [Google Play] Read More >>

A Whole Bunch of Cheap Games For PC and Android Is Your Summer-Rain-Coping-Mechanism Deal of the Day

Games! Games! Games! Games! James! Games! Games! Whoops, sorry about that rogue James that got slipped in there somehow. Essentially, today's bestest bargains are all game-flavoured. Read More >>

49p Android Apps Are Your Green-Faced-Savings' Deal of the Day

Brace yourselves because we don’t just have one bargain for you today, but a whole host of them. If you’re an Android device user, get ready to spend some pennies and fill your lonely, useless life up with a world of gaming and apping mayhem. Read More >>


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