An Incredible Galactic Snapshot From Your New Favourite Telescope

That beautiful image you see up there is our twin galaxy Andromeda. A neighbor that's right next door, a mere 2.5 million light-years-away. This fantastic new portrait was taken by an all-new telescope camera that's got a whole life of stellar shots ahead of it. Read More >>

A Beautiful Look at the Galaxy that Will Collide With Us In 4 Billion Years

In four billion years, Andromeda will collide with the Milky Way. That will be an amazing view—but until then we have to look at it from a distance. This new photo by the European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory shows a beautiful sight. From NASA: Read More >>

Earth's Sky Will Look Mindblowingly Crazy 3.75 Billion Years From Now

Check out this video made with images created by NASA. It shows Earth's night sky during the next four billion years, with the Milky Way on a head-on collision with Andromeda. The destruction of our galaxy as we know it will be so beautiful. Read More >>


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