The NSA Spies on You Even When You're Playing Angry Birds

Newly published slides from the NSA and its UK counterpart GCHQ show that the spy agencies delight in scooping up data from "leaky" smartphone apps. That means that you're being watched when you do everything from playing Angry Birds to uploading Facebook photos. Read More >>

Angry Birds Maker Rovio Innovates With... Kart Racer

Developer Rovio, which has been reliably churning out new iterations of its simplistic physics smash Angry Birds for years, has had an amazing new idea. It's creating a go-kart racer. Where does it get these crazy ideas from? Read More >>

Here Are All the Gestures That Beat Every Level of Angry Birds

Does anyone actually play Angry Birds anymore? Whatever. Artist Evan Roth actually had a novel idea with Angry Birds that doesn't include plush pillows and crappy TV shows. He painted all the gestures required to beat 300 levels of Angry Birds. It's beautiful smudging. Read More >>

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Samsung Sets New Shark Jump Record With Angry Birds Gangnam Style Flash Mob

Where to begin? This video shows Samsung going absolutely berserk and throwing in the kitchen sink in an attempt to sell its Smart TVs, awkwardly combining Angry Birds with Gangnam Style dancing and... a flash mob. Read More >>

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Students Build Super Desktop Slingshot for Playing Angry Birds

Hideaki Matsui and Andrew Spitz, students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, built the Super Angry Birds desktop slingshot controller as project for their Haptic (tactile feedback) technology class. Read More >>

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Prince Harry, Wearing an Angry Birds Hat

Crying out for a caption, I would say. [NY Mag] Read More >>

Oh God, the Angry Birds Are Invading the UK as Well

Hasn't everyone had enough of the irate avians by now? Isn't one theme park in Finland enough to sate the raving lunatics that actually want to hang out in anti-pig land? Apparently not, as the Angry Birds theme park is heading to the UK. Read More >>

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If Facebook Were Invented In the 90s, It Would Have Worked Like This

Someone called Squirrel Monkey — I like him/her already — has been posting these awesome videos showing how the most popular technology would have looked in the 80s and 90s — from this Facebook instructional video to an amazing recreation of Google and Twitter in BBS mode. And Angry Birds and DrawSomething too. Read More >>

Angry Birds Pokes its Way to Facebook

You'd think everyone who wanted to play Angry Birds would have already done so and gorged themselves to near death on its simplistic physics action, but just in case... it's now on Facebook. Same levels to plod through, only now with a mouse and social tools to bother other people with. [Facebook] Read More >>

Rovio Steps Up World Domination Plan With Angry Birds "Activity Parks"

There just seems no stopping those Angry Birds from taking over the world -- I'm starting to feel a little like we're the pigs. The next move in Rovio's take-over plan is to set up some Angry Birds military bases, cleverly disguised as "activity parks". Read More >>

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Blosics for iPhone and iPad: A Physics Puzzler Which Proves It's Not Hip to be Square

Yes, Blosics involves flinging balls at blocks. But we absolutely promise, hand on heart, that it's not an Angry Birds rip-off. It's actually a fresh and unique take on the genre that might, just might, knock the feathered behemoth from its perch. Read More >>

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The Dark Meadow for iPad and iPhone: Extremely Monstrous and Incredibly Beautiful

With every week that passes, a new iOS game is released that's even more visually impressive than the last. Previously, Shadowgun held the crown for a scant seven days, bowling us over with console-quality graphics and gameplay. Now that accolade has been cruelly wrested - nay, snatched, along with a desultory poke in the eye - by atmospheric chiller The Dark Meadow. It blends together elements of first-person combat, role-playing and exploration, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Read More >>


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