Dog Saves His Owner's Life by Smelling Her Cancer

This is Max the dog and his human Maureen. An amazing BBC Earth report tells their story: Max became depressed when he started to smell the cancer that Maureen was developing inside her breast. It's a really incredible tale. Read More >>

All About the Military Dolphins of the US (and Now Russia)

In what is easily one of the stranger twists in the military takeover of Crimea, the Russians have seized control of Ukraine's navy dolphin fleet. Yes, dolphins. The annals of dolphin military history is actually teeming with improbable tales, so let this be your guide to the cetacean Cold War. Read More >>

'Ratzilla': Pest Controllers Use Oversized Trap to Catch Giant Rat

You're never more than six feet away from a rat, according to urban legend. True or not, that claim is about to become frankly terrifying once you've seen Stockholm's gigantic  "Ratzilla". Read More >>

This is What It's Like to See the World as a Fly or a Chameleon

Ever wondered how weird-eyed animals like flies and chameleons see the world? Now you can take a look for yourself. Read More >>

Animals See Power Lines as Terrifying Bursts of Light

We've known that most critters try to avoid power lines, but until recently scientists were pretty much in the dark when it came to why. Now, it turns out that to animals, power lines and pylons look like terrifying bands of glowing, flashing bursts of light. Read More >>

British Intelligence Officers of WWI Suspected Cats and Dogs of Spying

At the height of First World War trench warfare paranoia, British intelligence officers believed that two cats and a dog were being used by the Germans to spy on Blighty's forces. Read More >>

All the World's Land Mammals Visualised By Weight

Ever wondered how humans stack up to cows, pigs or elephants if you were to gather 'em all up and weigh them? Wonder no longer, because this chart shows exactly that. Read More >>

The World's Most Amazing Structures Not Built by Humans

Humans are far from the only creatures with the ability to shape the environment in their favour. From insects and arachnids to marine invertebrates and mammals, the animal kingdom is rife with members who all construct their own habitats. Here are the most prolific builders in Animalia.

It's Pancake Day! Here's a Bunch of Unbelievably Detailed Animals Drawn Entirely in Pancake Batter

We've probably all made a few pancakes in amusingly shaped blobs, but Nathan Shields takes the humble pancake to a whole new level of art. The illustrator, former maths teacher, and stay-at-home dad makes pancakes with his kids that range from Star Wars tributes to portraits of Isaac Newton to animals painted in stunning species-level detail. Read More >>

Snake Eats Crocodile as Amazed Locals Take Photos

This is what you look like on Christmas Day, only instead of the outline of a crocodile it's the outline of 12 Terry's Chocolate Oranges in your bloated torso. It's a snake, eating something much wider than itself. It will almost certainly be asleep in front of its television for the rest of the month. Read More >>

Why Herders in Norway Spray Their Reindeer With Reflective Coating

Finland is a dangerous place for reindeer to be in winter. In a place where it's dark most of the day, these beasts blend in with their surroundings, making it hard for drivers to see them. Thus, Finnish herders are getting creative. Read More >>

Animals Enjoy Popping Bubble Wrap Just Like Humans Do

Few legal substances are as addictive and therapeutic as popping bubble wrap. Humans can lose hours getting the quick fix of popping every last air bubble. It turns out animals, like this raccoon, do the same. Read More >>

Did a Cat Destroy the Ceiling at a Sochi Olympic Arena?

By now it's hard to tell what's true when it comes to reports about the infrastructural failings at the Olympics in Sochi. But what we've got here appears to be security footage of a cat falling through the ceiling of Sochi's Adler Skating Arena. Read More >>

Camel Analysis Makes Shock Claim That the Bible Might Not be 100 Per Cent Factual

Some of the Bible's anecdotes might not be entirely true is a shocking claim made by researchers, who suggest that the timelines of some Bible stories don't match up with the reality of camel development history. Read More >>

This Fish is Driving its Own Motorised Aquarium

It's always a good idea to give your pets lots of exercise and freedom. But how does that work with a fish that is reliant on a tank full of water to live? That's easy; you just strap its aquarium to an RC car and rig up a device that lets the fish steer. Read More >>

Bored Scientists Imagine Rats the Size of Cows

The fast-breeding rat could one day evolve to be the size of a cow, according to scientists, who suggest extinctions higher up the animal size chain could leave empty evolutionary slots for the rat to bulk up and fit itself into. Read More >>


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