star wars
Animated Series Star Wars Rebels Charting Events Between the Good Films and the Bad Ones

Star Wars Rebels is a new animated Star Wars series from Disney's newly acquired sci-fi cash cow, one set in the 20-year period between events in Return of the Jedi and whatever that rubbish one with Jar Jar Binks in it was called. You'll be able to see exactly what went wrong. Read More >>

Animated GIF Pandemic Spreads to Google+

The slick, minimalist, glassy pyramids of Google+ are about to be invaded by the common man's low-bitrate humour, thanks to a G+ update that lets users set animated GIFs as their main profile images. Imagine the hilarity. And imagine how much longer it's all going to take to finish loading. Read More >>

This Lego Nyan Cat Is Mechanically Animated and Infinitely Cool

I want this so badly: an animated Nyan Cat made entirely out of Lego. You can put this on your wall and run it forever. Forfreakingever, people. Read More >>

These New Spinning GIFs Are as Cool as the Original Ones

Rrrrrrrrroll, the site dedicated to the art of spinning GIF or whatever that is, continues to be one of the best parts of the internet. The author has recently aded a bunch more, so make sure to check them out. Read More >>

These Rolling Animated GIFs Are So Damn Good

I love, love, LOVE these rolling animated GIFs, made by a group of friends in Japan. The premise is simple: make a short animation that involves rolling. All of them are great, but the finger above wins. Read More >>

China's Pollution Is So Insane You Can See It From Space

This is really bad. NASA has published an image of the pollution haze taking all over the North China Plain. Yes, it's so bad that you can see it taking over thousands of square miles from space. Read More >>

Bing Unveils First HTML5 Video Background Featuring a Frog

Bing's trying all it can to differentiate itself from Google and carve out a decent chunk of the search market. One of their initiatives has been fancy backgrounds, which Google can do too of course, but now they've taken it one stage further. Read More >>


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