Anonymous Takes Out North (and South?) Korean Web Sites

Some angsty teens tied into the Anonymous hacking collective have begun attacking sites in North Korea as promised some time ago, in an effort to raise awareness of internet access and wider human rights issues in the country. And for good measure it seems to have taken out South Korea's presidential web site as well. Read More >>

Police Caught Anonymous Hacker by Googling his IRC Name

Christopher Weatherhead, who called himself "Nerdo" on the internet, was convicted of conspiracy to impair the operation of computers last week. A posh way of saying he was doing DDoS attacks under the Anonymous banner as part of the "Operation Payback" attack on big corporations. Read More >>

Anonymous Hunts Down Harry Potter Charity Defacer

A man who calls himself The Lord Of Darkness, or AnonVoldemort, has been brought down to earth by hacking team Anonymous, after he stupidly hacked the site of a local New Zealand kid's charity. Read More >>

This Is What Happens When Anonymous Tries to Destroy You

For about a year, Anonymous has been the Internet's greatest spectacle: raucous hacks, federal takedowns, scheming, betrayal and giggles. It's hard not to be entertained by the nihilistic marauders—unless they're threatening your life and children. Read More >>

Why Is Anonymous Clamoring for a Super-Lame, Corporate-Sponsored Twitter Award?

The Shorty Awards recognise the shining best in "social media content creators." Those last four words, when strung together, are perhaps the most boring in western civilisation. So why does chaotic Anonymous want a stupid corporate-buzz award? We're wondering too. Read More >>

giz explains
What Is HOIC?

Anonymous is on a destruction spree lately—after Megaupload was killed, their reaction was swift and powerful. They made it look easy—and that's because thanks to the HOIC (High Orbit Ion Cannon), it is. Here's the newest hacker superweapon. Read More >>


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