UK Spies Messed About Launching DDoS Attacks on Anonymous and Lulzsec Members

New revelations from Edward Snowden's massive pile of governmental shame reveals that GCHQ experimented with DDoS attacks as a way of keeping online activists in check, turning the favoured internet weapon of the underground masses against some of the usual suspects. Read More >>

Hospital Worker Tweets About Reusing Shaved Patients' Hair as "Bradley Wiggins Sideburns"

A hospital worker who joked that he was going to use hair shaved off a patient to create himself a pair of Bradley Wiggins-style sideburns has been disciplined, with the old "harmless banter" excuse failing to save him from dismissal. Read More >>

Participating in Anonymous DDoS Attack for One Minute = £112,000 Fine

Eric Rosol is not a big-time hacker. However, the Wisconsin man did participate in the 2011 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that Anonymous unleashed on Koch Industries—for one whole minute. And for that one minute of his life, a judge just decided, Rosol must pay a $183,000 fine. That's about  £112,000. Ouch. Read More >>

Anonymous Has Been Hacking US Government Sites Since Last December

The FBI has released an official memo indicating that hackers related to Anonymous have been accessing federal government computers in various agencies for almost a year and stealing data. Read More >>

The NSA Says an 'Internal Error' Caused Its Outage, Not a DDoS Attack

The completely competent folks of the NSA are saying that its nuked website is a result of an internal error, a glitch, a mistake and not because hackers launched a DDoS attack on it. That's cool, the NSA didn't go down because of hackers but because it screwed itself up. Read More >>

PS4 Gamers Encouraged to Use Real Names Online Instead of D3tTHBRiNGER and the Like

Sony's been talking a little more about how PS4 and its systems will work over at the Tokyo Game Show, revealing one big change to its online service in the way it'll encourage players to use and display their proper names. Read More >>

The English Defence League Gets KO'd By Anonymous

It looks like #OpEDL is still in full swing. Hackers affiliated with Anonymous have apparently taken out the English Defence League's site in revenge for what they saw as the EDL hijacking the public's disturbed and outraged reaction to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in South London in May. Read More >>

Anonymous Hacking Collective Turns its Full Might on Mole Valley District Council

The web site belonging to Mole Valley District Council has been hacked, with site admins claiming Anonymous hackers are behind the assault. Pages on the Surrey council portal's site were defaced with references to David Miranda, the man held by UK immigration in one of the latest twists to the global spy scandal. Read More >>

Anonymous Says It Leaked 2,000 US Government Email Passwords

The rascals over at Anonymous are still pretty upset over the recent revelations about the NSA spying on seemingly everyone so they're acting out in the only way they know how: hacking. Specifically, releasing the supposed email accounts — and passwords — of seemingly everybody in central government in the US. Read More >>

How to Be a Hacker (Ethical or Otherwise)

So, you've admired the hacking gods from afar for far too long now. It's time to take the big step, realise your long-held cyber-shadow dreams, and join an elite group of hackers. But how do you actually go about doing that? Why like this, of course. Read More >>

North Korea Tried to Blame Anonymous for Its South Korea Cyberattacks

North Korea tried and failed to hide behind the undisputed superstars of the hacker community last month when South Korea got hit by a large scale cyberattack. According to South Korea, Kim Jong Un and company worked hard to cover its tracks by hiding the IP addresses of computers used in the attacks and later destroying their hard drives. And when they got caught, they did what any dictatorial wasteland would: blame Anonymous. Read More >>

A Guy Fawkes Mask for Every Skin Tone, Gender, Culture and More

The creeptastic Guy Fawkes mask has become synonymous with Anonymous, protesting and basically any group that is trying to fight against injustice. But why does a Guy Fawkes mask have to just be one white male face? Can't it be represented in different genders and ethnicities and cultures? Maybe! Read More >>

Anonymous Takes Out North (and South?) Korean Web Sites

Some angsty teens tied into the Anonymous hacking collective have begun attacking sites in North Korea as promised some time ago, in an effort to raise awareness of internet access and wider human rights issues in the country. And for good measure it seems to have taken out South Korea's presidential web site as well. Read More >>

Anonymous Goes Tit-for-Tat and Releases a Trove of NSA Documents

In the wake of last night's revelation that everyone in the world has a creepy NSA-shaped stalker, defenders of online liberty and generally angry internet people Anonymous have gathered together a collection of NSA documents, including seemingly important stuff like the US Department of Defense's 'Strategic Vision' for controlling the internet. Read More >>

Anonymous Gets a Taste of Its Own Medicine and Gets Hacked

Probably while they're all sleeping, the closest thing the Anonymous collective has to an official Twitter account got hacked. @YourAnonNews is currently spouting lots of crap about "Jimmies" and "Rustling". It seems the hacker group known as the Rustle League hacked Anonymous. How does it feel to have the boot on the other foot, eh, Anonymous? Read More >>

Anonymous Publishes Names and Addresses of Supposed EDL Members

Hackers claiming to be part of the Anonymous gang have published personal details of people it claims are EDL members and supporters, with a message from Anonymous saying it's about to start a "systematic and comprehensive desiccation" of the inflammatory racist group. Read More >>


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