Billion-Dollar Giant Apple is Sad About Ebook Anti-Trust Lawyer's Legal Fees

Apple's not happy with the US legal system, claiming that the $1,100 (£670) hourly fee charged by a court-appointed specialist in its ebook price-fixing case is a bit on the high side. He's only being given the equivalent of a 32GB iPhone 5S every hour, though. Read More >>

The US DOJ Wants to Force Apple to Let People Buy E-Books Directly from Amazon

After a U.S. District Court judged found Apple guilty of colluding with book publishers to fix the prices of e-books last month, it was unclear what the actual consequences would be for the iPad-maker. Well with little pomp or circumstance, the US Department of Justice has just cleared that up and it's not good for Apple. Read More >>

Microsoft Consortium Complains About Anti-Competitive Android "Trojan Horse"

A group of tech and search firms led by Microsoft has lodged a complaint with the EU regarding Google's "predatory" distribution of Android, claiming the free OS is disrupting the market and making it harder for others to compete. Read More >>

Google Grassed on Microsoft About Missing EU Browser Choice Screen

That massive fine handed to Microsoft for forgetting to let PC users choose their browser? It came courtesy of Google, which, according to the FT, was the outraged source that complained to EU antitrust police about the missing select screen from later versions of Windows 7. Microsoft's been well and truly Scroogled out of £480m. [FT] Read More >>

The US Government Slaps Google Again But Spares it Microsoft's Fate

The US FTC just announced a settlement with Google, which the commission had been investigating for illegal, anti-competitive behaviour.  And it's mostly good news for everyone except Google: less patent warfare, less search engine bullying. But Google's still off the hook in one very important way: the feds are dropping their investigation. Read More >>

Report: Google's One Step Closer to Being Hit with an FTC Anti-Trust Case

According to Reuters, top brass at the FTC is convinced it should bring an antitrust case against Google. The writing's been on the wall since last year, but it looks like things could finally be coming to a head. Read More >>

The US Department of Justice Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple

According to Bloomberg, the U.S. DOJ just filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple over the pricing of eBooks. Publishers Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan and Penguin were also named in the lawsuit too. Will other countries follow suit? We'll have to wait and see. Read More >>

Google's Newest Search Result? An FTC Antitrust Investigation

I'm not the only one troubled by Google's new Search Plus Your World — Google's aggressive push to include social results in its search that seems to favour Google+ over other social media services. So is the FTC in the US. Read More >>

Google's Getting Hit with a 400-Page Smackdown from the European Commission

The European Commission is the latest governing body to jump on the Google antitrust dogpile. According to the FT, it's about to serve Google with a 400-page statement of objections, containing a litany of by-now familiar complaints. Read More >>

Microsoft and Novell Still Fighting War Over Windows 95

An antitrust case over Windows 95 has just hit the US courts, with judges about to resolve the confusing mystery of Windows 95 and the missing WordPerfect software. Read More >>


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