This Hanging Bed Is the Ultimate Tiny Home Hack

Creative ways to hide your sleeping space are as old at the first murphy bed, but this might be a first: The owners of this London flat have found a way to maximise their living space without resorting to a bed that foldings into a closet. Read More >>

This Concept Transforming Flat Is a Dozen Rooms at Once

Here at Gizmodo, we love us some transforming flats. On top of being space-efficient, they are just so damn cool. And this partially prototyped concept by students at TU Delft is no exception. Read More >>

The Tiny Transforming Apartment That Packs Eight Rooms into 32.5 Square Metres

Living in New York City isn't all adventure and dynamism. Unless you are wealthy the way no real person is, you probably have to settle for a living space that is cramped and cluttered. It is the project of Graham Hill, entrepreneur and founder, to come up with an ideal New York apartment — one with a small footprint, both physically and environmentally, and one that offers just as much beauty and functionality as a pad multiple times its size. Read More >>

Apartments Designed for Motorcycles Are a Biker's Paradise

Heading off to work on a rain-soaked bike is unpleasant, and paying for an expensive apartment with a car-sized garage is even moreso. So Japanese architects have designed the perfect compromise—an apartment complex that integrates a compact motorcycle garage into each unit. Read More >>


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