Watson Is Going To Be Open For Public Use on the Cloud

Watson was always going to be more than just a successful game show contestant. Now, the computer is about to take on anything and everything, as it opens itself up to the public on the cloud. Read More >>

Netflix Just Made It Harder to Find Out When Movies Expire

Want to find out when Netflix will pull Godzilla so you don't miss it? Too bad. Netflix just decided to stop providing that information through its API, so third-party services like's Expiring Soon on Instant are now pretty much useless. Read More >>

The Pebble SDK Is Out and Apps Aren't Far Behind

The allure of having a smart watch like the Pebble is more than just having a watch with more display options: it's apps. Now, with the release of the Pebble SDK, the apps can start to flow. Read More >>

Is Facebook Locking Down Its Social Graph Data?

For all the reasons that Facebook is a massive success, it has one card that trumps the likes of Twitter, Google and LinkedIn: it knows who your real-life friends are. Kindly, Facebook shares that data with third parties apps using its Social Graph API—but it seems that privilege might not be a given for much longer. Read More >>

Nike Teams Up with Path to Socialise Your Runs

Path seems to have bounced back from last month's privacy kerfuffle quite handily. The app maker announced today that its API will be integrated into Nike's running apps and accessories, allowing your friends to cheer you on virtually. Read More >>


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