Confirmed: Jeff Bezos Rescued Apollo 11's Engine From the Ocean Floor

Jeff Bezos' child-like love and wonder of space and rockets has yielded many a great thing, including Apollo 11's #5 engine. The Amazon CEO confirmed today that the rockets dredged from the Atlantic earlier this year are, in fact, those from Apollo 11. Read More >>

A Watch Inspired By--And Made From--The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Romain Jerome has become known as the watchmaker that incorporates exotic materials into its timepieces, from moon dust, to metal from the Statue of Liberty, to volcanic ash. And while it's still embracing that role with the new Moon Orbiter, the watch actually puts more focus on the highly engineered flying tourbillon exposed at the 9 o'clock position than it does its little slice of history. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Has Rescued the Apollo 11 Rockets From the Ocean Floor

Ever since July 16, 1969, the rockets that pushed Apollo 11 out of the atmosphere, taking mankind to the moon, have lain at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Jeff Bezos has been keen to get them back, and now, thanks to his hard work and vast fortune of book money, they're seeing the light of day for the first time in decades. Read More >>

Cartier Gifted the Apollo 11 Astronauts These Awesome Solid Gold Lunar Landers

It probably can't quite compete with all the memories they have of landing on the moon, but the second best souvenir the Apollo 11 astronauts have of their adventure has to be this solid gold model of the Lunar Module given to them by Cartier on their return. Read More >>

The Real Story Behind Neil Armstrong's History-Making Line

We all know the line, but what about the story behind it? Neil Armstrong was always keen on telling folks that he'd thought up the historical words after landing on the moon, but before the walk. That is to say, relatively off-the-cuff. A new documentary tells a slightly different story. Read More >>

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How NASA Prevents a Space Plague Outbreak

In the early days of space exploration, NASA basically made up procedure on the fly. With little knowledge of the world outside our atmosphere, agency physicians worried what humans might encounter out there. Maybe John Glenn would go Space Blind. Maybe the Apollo 11 crew would track an Andromeda Strain through the Lunar Command Module, unleashing a deadly moon virus on a defenseless earth. Read More >>

Pretend You're On the Moon With This Awesome Apollo 11 Interactive Panorama

It might be all about Mars at the moment, but this stunning interactive panorama, which gives you a 360-degree view of the Tranquility Base where Apollo 11 touched down, shows the Moon in all its glory. Read More >>

The Groundbreaking Camera That Captured Man's First Steps on the Moon

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon. This unassuming, metal box was actually the Westinghouse Apollo Lunar Television Camera that broadcasted his fateful first steps to millions of viewers across the world. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos' Exploration Team Just Found the Apollo 11 Rockets at the Bottom of the Ocean

A Jeff Bezos-funded team of sea explorers has located the Apollo 11 rockets that helped get man get to the moon. Read More >>

Even at Minifig Scale, This LEGO Saturn V Rocket Is Ginormous

Standing 5.76 meters (roughly 19 feet) tall and composed of nearly 120,000 bricks this recreation of the Apollo 11 mission's Saturn V rocket is as mammoth as it is detailed. Read More >>

What Was the First Typeface On the Moon?

First, there was Neil. Then it was Buzz. And then there was Futura, which, unlike Neil and Buzz, stayed behind in Mare Tranquillitatis as part of a plaque commemorating humanity's first landing on the Moon: Read More >>

When Returning from the Moon, Don't Forget to Fill Out Your Customs Form

Despite the fact that every single facet of NASA's moonwalks were government-controlled expeditions, astronauts were not exempt from the annoying processes involved with foreign travel. Case in point, this customs form, signed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Read More >>


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