Apple Begins Testing a "Related Search" Function for App Store Update

Apple has begun testing a new "related search suggestion" in the App Store, which may actually help make finding things easier. This is good news because as it is, the search function couldn't be much worse. Read More >>

God Help Us: There's Now a Dedicated Selfie Section in the App Store

Just in case you were feeling a little too happy with humanity, here's something to change your tune: Apple now has a dedicated Selfie section in the iOS App Store. Read More >>

How a Rogue Developer Got Apple to Approve a Drone Strike App

After nearly two years and a whole load of media attention, you can now download an iPhone app that alerts you every time a drone strike kills someone abroad. It only took the app developer six tries and several different names to get Apple to approve it. Read More >>

Flappy Bird is Officially Gone from the App Store

As promised, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has removed his torturous app from Apple's App Store. Flappy Bird is gone. It is survived by knockoffs like Clumsy Bird and Happy Poo Flap, and by the nightmares and thumb pain it has caused you these last few weeks. Read More >>

Definitive Proof That Apple's App Store Search is the Absolute Worst

One of the most exciting new apps in months began its roll-out last night to Apple's App Store in the US yesterday: Paper, an app that provides a refreshing new Facebook experience. This is an app that, conservatively, hundreds of thousands of people want to download. Even if you can get it in your country already, good luck finding it. Unfortunately, this problem extends far beyond Paper itself. Read More >>

Pebble Smartwatch Appstore is on the Way

What's a mobile phone without an app store? Not much, that's what. The same principle applies to smartwatches too. Noting this, Pebble has announced that it will soon be launching its own app store, looking to tap into the ideas of third party developers in order to squeeze more functionality out of the e-ink wristwatch. Read More >>

Microsoft Tipped to Marry Windows and Windows Phone Apps Into One Handy Site

Rumours suggest that Microsoft is planning to roll together its Windows and Windows Phone app stores into a single site. Convenient! [ZDNet] Read More >>

Apple Offers 'Last Compatible Versions' of iOS Apps for Ageing Devices

With iOS 7 due to land tomorrow, Apple seems to have decided to look after users with ageing hardware, too. It now offers a 'last compatible version' of iOS apps if you attempt to download an app not supported by your current firmware. Read More >>

Researchers Snuck Malware Onto the App Store By Making It a Transformer

No one really knows exactly how Apple makes sure the apps that wind up in its store are safe. All we know is that the App Store has a comparatively better track record than its Android counterpart. But nothing is ever totally safe. Researchers managed to sneak malware onto the App Store with ease by giving their app the power to transform.
The app, called Jekyll, was able to send e-mails and texts, steal information and device ID numbers, take photos, send tweets, and attack other apps. But its trick was that it couldn't do this right away. Instead, the malicious code was broken into innocent looking segments that would transform after download. Read More >>

Idiotic Phone-Throwing Game Banned by Apple, Now on Android

What on earth was the developer of Send Me To Heaven thinking? It's a game that challenges players to throw their phones as high as possible, and such a stupid idea that Apple's decided to reject it from the iOS App Store for users' own good. Read More >>

Amazon's Updated Kindle App Is a Tiny F U to Apple

Amazon just released a new update to its Kindle app for iOS, and it basically just told Apple to go f*** itself in the process. The Apple App Store bible absolutely forbids in-app purchases unless the company is willing to give Apple a 30 per cent cut, but Amazon has finally found a way around this little speed bump: likely-soon-to-be-banned free samples. Read More >>

Free Games Your Reward for Attending Apple's App Store 5th Birthday Party

Apple's App Store celebrates its fifth birthday this week, and plenty of game publishers and developers are using this as an excuse to boost their user numbers by giving away some cracking iOS games for free. Read More >>

How Many Apps Does an App Need to Sell to Be in the Top Apps List?

When the App Store was fresh and new, you'd see different apps pop up in the Top Apps list. Those Top Apps lists were actually usable. But ever since Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja and whatever else decided to squat down, it's the same damn apps over and over. So how popular does an app have to be to crack these lists? Read More >>

Apple Highlights App Age Ratings to Clear Up Just How Ruined Your Children Will Be

Not sure if an app is appropriate for your kid to use? Now you'll know for certain because Apple has added age ratings to descriptions to the App Store. Read More >>

Ouya's Going to Force All Games to Have Proper Trials

Score one for the consumer. Ouya's come out and said that all games that are compatible with the system will be forced to have free-to-play periods, which are basically demos, so you can try before you buy. No more coughing up good money only to find you've just bought absolute rubbish. Read More >>


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