Facebook App Blamed for Nuking iPhone Batteries

A former Apple, ahem, Genius, claims to have devoted "years" of his life to solving the issue of poor battery life on iOS devices, a problem that appeared to become more widespread with the arrival of iOS 7.1. His hypothesis? It's mostly Facebook's fault. Read More >>

app of the day
Football Manager Handheld 2014 App Puts the Trials and Tribulations of the Touchline in Your Trouser Pocket

Football Manager fans, you are hereby free to leave the cave in which you live out your PC-based footie-management fantasies, as the venerable soccer sim series makes its latest annual appearance on mobile devices. And it's a blinder. To paraphrase the inimitable Brian Clough, we wouldn't say Football Manager Handheld 2014 is the best in the business, but it's in the top one.

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How to Get More Out of Your Jawbone UP Using Third-Party Apps and IFTTT

So you've got a Jawbone UP. Congratulations. Now you’re rocking the dinky little fitness tracker on your wrist, you're well on the path towards healthier living. But did you know that, in addition to the standard UP app that is used to log your daily movement and sleep cycle, there's a whole suite of apps to make it even more useful? Read More >>

Netflix Streams Coming to Virgin Media TiVo Boxes

Two of our media titans are set to collide, with old world cable TV and ISP network Virgin Media set to start carrying content from new media streaming darling Netflix. Read More >>

iphone apps
Push Launcher for iOS: Access Your Go-to Apps in One Easy Location

Now, there's only so much you can really do as far as shortcuts go on an (non-jailbroken) iPhone. But if you're set in your ways and still want some of the saved seconds a neat and tidy app launcher could afford you, Push Launcher is about as close as you're going to get. Read More >>

Nokia's Pro Camera App Is Headed To the Lumia 920 and 925 Too

Along with the launch of Nokia's new Lumia 1020, the first proper camera-phone hybrid that seems to make sense, came an amazing piece of photographic software in the shape of Pro Camera. The good news: it's coming to other Lumias, too. Read More >>

Join Facebook's Android Beta Scheme for Early Access to the New Stuff

Facebook, which has been criticised for years for providing an Android app of rather variable quality, has launched a beta scheme so users can get in on the very latest app features and revisions before they hit the mainstream. Read More >>

Rando Reckons the Best Way to Get You to Try Its App Is to Insult You

Apparently you have no friends, and no one likes you. At least, that's what Rando's suggesting. Personally, I reckon you've got loads of mates, although maybe only on the internet? Anyway, does this kind of in-your-face-you-loser advertising do it for you? Read More >>

Icelandic App Prevents "Accidental Incest"

The island nation of Iceland apparently has a bit of a problem with people accidentally porking distant family members, thanks to its limited population of 320,000 and the fact a large percentage of that lot is based in and around capital Reykjavik. A new app lets potential partners check to see if they're related, prior to engaging in... relations. Read More >>

Amazon Has Acquired a Siri-Like App Company

Amazon has ponied up a cool £17 million for a company that builds a voice recognition app called Evi — yes, essentially a Siri clone — prompting speculation about a forthcoming phone from Bezos and co. Read More >>

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Valet, Finder Codes, Ninja Jamms, and More

This week's collection of apps went all over the place in terms of content. If you're someone prone to bouts of amnesia during daily activities, there's plenty to cure what ails you down below. Aspiring musicians and video chat-junkies won't be disappointed either. Everyone else: maybe next week. Read More >>

app of the day
The Snowman and The Snowdog: A Blast From The Past In App Form

This Christmas marks the long-awaited release of the sequel to The Snowman. Yes, we're talking about that benevolent (though, in hindsight, perhaps slightly creepy) snowman, who flew a little boy to the North Pole on Christmas Eve in his pyjamas. To mark the release of The Snowman and The Snowdog, Channel 4 has launched a free game for iPhone, iPad and Android. It's based on the new film and, from what we've seen, it looks nothing short of heart-warming. Read More >>

Sky Go Finally Finds Its Way to Jelly Bean

The long-awaited Sky Go app is now, finally, available to all Android devices running Jelly Bean -- including the LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S III, Sony Xperia S, and a whole host of other phones and tablets. Blimey, that didn't take long now did it? Read More >>

Google Opens Google Now Features to Those on Jelly Bean Mobiles

If you're one of the lucky people to have had your phone updated to Google's "Jelly Bean" version of the code, there's even more fun to be had now. The company's added the latest Google Now code to its standard search options. Read More >>


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