Apple Made £8.3 Billion This Quarter, and Somehow That's a Disappointment

Apple's first quarter earnings are in. According to Bloomberg News, Apple made £8.3 billion in profit on £34.1 billion in revenue. It sold an absurd 47.8 million iPhones and 22.9 million iPads — both new records. Somehow, this is a disappointment. Read More >>

Apple Hauls Insane £24 Billion Revenue Despite Selling Fewer iPhones and iPads

The important thing to know about the last three months of Apple making money, the results of which were just announced, is that the company did not do as well as the previous quarter, but did way better than last year and than pretty much anyone else who produces and sells products. Read More >>

Apple Sells 37 Million iPhones; 15 Million iPads in Monster Money Quarter

Apple just set company records for net income ($13.06 billion, or £8.72bn) and revenue ($46.33 billion, or £29.71bn), thanks in large part to selling as many iPhones as there are people in California. Oh, and nearly half as many iPads, too. Read More >>


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