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The Apple TV Has Just Taken One Massive Step Towards Becoming a Mini Mac Under Your TV

There's no doubt the Apple TV is an "intense area of interest" for Cupertino, Tim Cook said so himself. In fact, the Apple TV could be the future of Apple right there in that tiny little puck. With iOS 6.1, the plucky mini black box just took a massive step forward: you can now hook up a keyboard to it. Are apps and Safari next? Read More >>

Apple's Currently Testing HDTVs at 46 and 55-Inches

We've had rumours floating around that Apple's been testing Apple HDTVs for a while now, but after Tim Cook actually said it's "an area of intense interest" that tired old rumour seems to inching ever closer to fact. Now, it seems, Foxconn's currently testing 46 and 55-inch Apple TV panels. Read More >>

WSJ: Apple Is Testing Designs for a TV

Surprise! According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working with Sharp and Foxconn to test designs for a new TV. Read More >>

Yep, Apple's Working on an HDTV

If you were ever in doubt that Apple had a full-blown smart HDTV in the works, this should put your mind at rest. Tim Cook's just been quoted as saying it is "an area of intense interest". If that doesn't scream "we're trying our hardest to make TV better, but it's just not there yet," I don't know what does. Read More >>

Apple's Already Building Its Apple HDTV In China

Take this with a massive pinch of salt, but a report of out China tells us that Foxconn has just received orders from Apple for its much-rumoured Apple HDTV, and it's currently doing a trial production run for last-minute prototype testing. Read More >>

Foxconn (Predictably) Reneges on Their Statements Regarding the Apple HDTV

Remember when Foxconn got loose lips and started popping off about a certain Apple HDTV that's in development? Seems like someone at Apple put the fear of god into its manufacturing partner, because all of a sudden, Foxconn is claiming that they had "neither confirmed, nor speculated" about any such thing. Yeah, OK. Read More >>

Apparently This Is What the Fabled Apple HDTV Will Look Like

Take this with a massive pinch of anonymous-source-shaped salt, but according to Cult of Mac the much-rumoured Apple HDTV will look like a massive Cinema Display with a built-in beefed-up iSight camera for FaceTime from the sofa, and Siri so you can shout at it when you want to make a call. Read More >>

Apple's New Patent All But Confirms an Apple HDTV Is in the Works

Well, if you needed any further convincing that Apple’s working on an HDTV here it is – Apple’s been awarded a patent for some high refresh rate LCD technology for a TV, all but confirming that Cupertino’s working up the fabled iTV. Read More >>

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Apple HDTV to Be On Sale By Christmas

According to Peter Misek, an analyst with Jefferies & Co, parts for Apple’s fabled HDTV are on their way through Apple’s supply chain for manufacturing. He’s convinced that it’ll go into production in the summer for a launch before Christmas. Read More >>

Is a New Apple TV or HDTV Coming Next Month Too?

Apparently stocks of Apple’s “hobby” the Apple TV are drying up indicating that a new model might be on its way soon, maybe even next month. Read More >>

apple tv
Apple's HDTV Already Being Tested By Canadians?

Another day another Apple HDTV rumour; this time it’s apparently already in testing in Canada by two of the nation’s broadband providers. Read More >>

42-Inch "Apple HDTV" Detailed in Best Buy Customer Survey

According to a slide uncovered by the Verge, Best Buy is asking its customers for thoughts on a 42-inch, $1,500 (£950) Apple HDTV. And it sounds dreamy: runs iOS, full App Store and iCloud support, an iSight camera. Too bad it's all probably just a guess. Read More >>

Rumour: Apple's HDTV Set to Hit Store Shelves Before 2012 Is Out

Take this with a massive pinch of salt, but the notorious US analyst Gene Munster is absolutely certain that Apple’s Siri-powered entry into the smart TV market will land before the end of 2012. Read More >>

Here's How Siri Can Power an Apple HDTV

Nuance, the amazing voice recognition technology behind Siri and other voice recognition software on phones, has announced that they'll be bringing their voice tech to TVs now with Dragon TV. Basically, Nuance wants you to talk to your TVs. And since Apple is supposedly making an HDTV that let's you talk to the TV, this is getting VERY interesting. Read More >>

Hints of Apple HDTV Arise from the Steve Jobs Biography

We've been dismissive of Apple HDTV rumors, even when we laid out a case for why it actually makes a lot of sense. But according to the new Steve Jobs biography, it turns out we may have been very wrong. Read More >>


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