These Polaroids Might Be the Oldest Pictures of an Apple Computer

In 1976, Apple products were far from the thin, glossy blades they are today. Apple's humble beginnings started with the Apple I, hand-built by Steve Wozniak himself, and sold for $666.66. When Paul Terrell, owner of the Byte Shop, purchased 50 of the machines for sale way back then, he took a few pictures with his Polaroid camera. Now, those pictures are quite possibly the oldest pictures ever taken of an Apple product. Read More >>

Broken Apple-1 Expected to Sell for £80,000

Deep-pocketed Apple enthusiasts have a big chance to buy themselves a bit of history in October, thanks to an incredibly rare Apple-1 going up for auction. Read More >>

Is Your Old Computer Worth a Cool £240,000?

That's how much an original Apple I just sold for at Sotheby's in New York. The colossal sum was literally just for the naked board too -- the ancient, yet still working computer had no case, monitor, or keyboard -- simply a piece of junk to the untrained eye. Read More >>


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