Report: iOS 8 is All About Making Maps Better

Sources told 9to5Mac that iOS 8 will feature lots of "under-the-hood changes," including an overhaul to the Maps application. Using data from recently acquired startups like BroadMap, Embark, and HopStop, Apple will reportedly highlight points of interest like airports, train stations, and motorways -- or at least it will in the US. And the company will finally bring back public transit directions. Read More >>

Adding More Layers is Apple's Patent-Suggested Plan For Fixing Maps

It's slowly getting better, but try as it might, Apple just can't top Google's Maps service when it comes to digital cartography  That's not to say it isn't still keeping up the chase though -- a newly uncovered patent points towards a raft of new features Apple has planned for the troubled service. Read More >>

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iOS 7 Review: Pretty Is as Pretty Does

There's little question that iOS 7 is the most transformative update to iOS in its six-year history. It’s not just about the flat design. The first time I laid hands on the new operating system, I felt like I had a new phone, one that looked prettier and, more importantly, felt more useful. Read More >>

Apple Gobbled Up a Location Data Startup to Cure Its Map Monster

It had a rough start, but Apple Maps has come a long way from what it was at launch. And the push isn't over. Apple just picked up a little startup called "Locationary" that specialises in hyperlocal results; you can bet that'll trickle down into Apple Maps soon. Read More >>

Apple Maps Is Coming to Your Desktop

Apple Maps is getting a pretty little desktop client in the new OS X Mavericks. The desktop client includes the same (steadily improving) offering of 3D-flyover views, and provides you with information cards as you skirt around different locations. And once you find your destination on the desktop, you can shunt it right over to your iPhone at the press of a button. Read More >>

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9 Things I'll Miss About Apple Maps

Did you hear? Google Maps is back in the App Store, which means we can finally officially pretend that whole Apple Maps disaster never happened. Still, there are a few things I'm going to miss about Apple Maps. Read More >>

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Google vs. Apple Maps: Total Domination

Google Maps for iOS is so much better than Apple's attempt at a replacement that it will make you giggle. But you can't grasp just how much better—almost perfect—iOS Google Maps is unless you see it in action. Read More >>

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Google Maps for iOS Review: Maps Done Right

After some intensive testing since its yesterday's release, there's no doubt about it: Google Maps for iOS is, hands down, the best maps application, perhaps on any platform. So good, so fast, and so clean. There's really no contest. They nailed it, and shamed Apple in the process. Read More >>

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This Is What You Should Do With Apple Maps

Now that we've finally got the awesome Google Maps back on our iPhones, we banish that horrendous Apple Maps from our consciousness. The problem is, you can't actually delete it, so this is what you should do with it. Send it where it belongs. Read More >>

5 Reasons Why Google Maps for iPhone Kicks Android's Sorry Arse

Yes, Google Maps for iPhone is here. (If you haven't downloaded it already, what the f**k are you doing reading this?) It's a great day for all of humanity, worthy of a public holiday and street-parties galore. In fact, Google Maps for iPhone is SO AWESOME even Google admit it kicks Android Map's butt. Read More >>

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Google Maps Might Kill You as Well

Oh, how we laughed when Australian police warned users against using Apple Maps. Stupid Apple! Stupid, rubbish Apple. Except now they've warned against using Google's mapping tool as well, in case it leads coach loads of kids to their doom. Read More >>

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Download Google Maps for iOS Right Now and Get Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Public Transport Directions and Street View

After somehow managing to survive life without it, Google Maps is back and better than ever for iOS. That means no more melting world of Apple Maps, no more false listings, no more getting lost and no more map inferiority on your iPhone. Get rid of Apple Maps and go download Google Maps in the App Store. Read More >>

Apple Shows It Can Fix Things Pretty Quickly, When It Actually Wants to

After the Australian police waded in over crappy Apple Maps sending people into the middle-of-bleeding-nowhere to die, Apple's already fixed the issue. Apparently it wasn't all Apple's fault, but it goes to show Cupertino can turn around and fix stuff fast, so why did it take so bloody long to fix 'Duncaster'? Read More >>

The Biggest Tech Screw-Ups of the Year

What a year for technology, what with all its tiny tablets and overhauled operating systems. But for every Nexus 7 triumph, a Nexus Q disaster reared its gruesome head. Here are the worst screw-ups the tech industry endured in 2012. Advanced warning: They're not for the faint of heart. Read More >>

Watch Tim Cook in His First TV Interview Since Becoming Apple CEO

It's been about a year since Tim Cook took the helm at Apple, and he has apparently decided now is a good time to start talking to people. Brian Williams got first dibs, interviewing Cook earlier tonight on NBC's Rock Center. Read More >>

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Report: Apple to Fix Its Terrible Maps by Rearranging the World

The Onion has some intel on Apple's solution to the Apple Maps debacle. Instead of just fixing the app, Tim Cook & Co. are just going to alter the earth's geography. Read More >>


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