Why Roku Matters More Than Ever

You have more streaming TV options than you could hope for, especially now that Amazon has entered the fray. And while Apple TV, Chromecast, and Fire TV all have their strengths, they also share the same crippling weakness: self-interest. That's what makes Roku so important. Read More >>

Save Money on Apple TV With Your "Just £67.99" Deal of the Day

With all these wonderful new entertainment conduits on the market, the thing we should all be investing in is a suave sofa to house our buttocks. Seriously. The way things are going, if someone invents a stylish commode, we'll never have to stand up ever again. That's obviously a wonderful thing. Read More >>

If Apple Makes This Apple TV They Will Win the Living Room War

This is what Apple needs to beat everyone: an Apple TV with the graphic oomph of an iPhone 5S, plus a new larger remote that doubles as a full gamepad and a motion joystick—like the Nintendo Wii remote. If this concept becomes a reality, Cupertino really could win over living rooms worldwide. Read More >>

Steve Jobs Thought an Apple TV Set Was a "Terrible" Idea

An app-equipped, iTunes-connected Apple TV has been rumoured longer than any other device in the Cupertino company's portfolio, but it's a business Apple has always appeared wary of. Now, a new book reveals just how against the idea of an "iTV" the late Steve Job once was. Read More >>

Upgraded Apple TV Shows up on US Shop's Comparison Chart

An upgraded Apple TV, which earlier rumours suggested might see an announcement in April, has been sort-of spotted again, with US retailer Best Buy supposedly including a substantially enhanced Apple TV with loads more apps in a product comparison slide. Read More >>

Apple Could Announce Newest Apple TV as Soon as April

Apple's next-generation Apple TV set-top box will likely be announced as soon as April, according to a report from Bloomberg. Read More >>

Rumour: The Next Apple TV Update Will Focus on Gaming and an iOS-Style Interface

While the Apple TV set rumours may be put on ice for now, the Cupertino company still hasn't lost sight of a place underneath your television. It's rumoured to be preparing to launch a brand new Apple TV set-top box. And it seems this time, it's all about the games. Read More >>

Everything Apple Didn't Announce at Yesterday's iPad Event

Two new iPads! Better MacBook Pros! The finishing touches on the cylindrical Mac Pro. OS X Mavericks for free. iLife. iWork. Apple announced a tonne of stuff during its iPad event. Stuff that'll dent your wallet. Stuff that will make your life better. Stuff that'll keep you happy. But what about all the stuff Apple didn't announce? There's still a bunch of... stuff. Read More >>

Apple TV Just Got Support For iTunes and More

Apple TV didn't even warrant a mention at the iPhone event earlier this month, but as expected, the set-top box just got a software overhaul. Read More >>

Rumour: There's an Apple TV Software Refresh Coming Next Week

While there was no mention of Apple TV yesterday, All Things D is reporting that it believes Cook & Co. will roll out a software overhaul for the media box next week. Read More >>

New Apple TV Software Tomorrow? Plus, Late-October Release for OS X Mavericks?

I know many of you are sick of Apple rumours, so I won't keep you long on this one: Basically, AllThingsD is reporting that Apple will debut new TV software instead of Apple TV hardware tomorrow, meanwhile 9to5Mac's claiming OS X Mavericks won't be released until late October. [Image Credit: Engadget] Read More >>

A New Apple TV Might be a "One More Thing" on September 10th

Bizarre analysis of global shipping records has found something possibly SECRET coming to the US from Apple's suppliers, with data claiming that a series of deliveries of a "Set Top Box with Communication Function" have been popping in on the slow boats from China. Read More >>

Report: Apple's Future of TV Is an Actual Television

We've said it time and time again: Something like half a dozen companies are working on their own versions of the future of TV. The latest rumour, via Quartz, mentions that Apple's been chatting up Viacom, Disney, ESPN, et al about offering their content on a new TV service. But apparently content is just one piece of the puzzle. According to Quartz, Apple is working on an actual full-fledged television set. Read More >>

What Apple's Latest Acquisition Says About the Future of Apple TV

Apple just bought a small startup company you probably never heard of called Why is this important? Because it might, maybe, could possibly reveal what Apple sees as the future of Apple TV: a channel-less oasis where it doesn't matter what streaming service you watch your favourite TV show on as long as it's through Apple TV. Read More >>

What's the TV of the Future Going To Look Like?

There’s no two ways about it: the television is having a bit of a mid-life crisis. With screens reaching a deep-black perfection, everyone’s favourite big screens have turned to 3D gimmicks and buggy Smart TV interfaces to hide the slightly-thinning comb-over that comes with old age. But at the same time, there’s a new kid on the block. Set-top boxes and add-on dongles, cheap and with a singular purpose, are challenging the ‘Smart’ bit of Smart TV. Read More >>

Report: Apple's TV Service Would Pay TV Channels When You Skip Ads

According to a report by former WSJ reporter Jessica Lessin, Apple's long-rumoured stand-alone TV service will supposedly allow viewers to skip over adverts. Read More >>


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