Apple Wins Against Samsung Once More: ITC Bans Some Samsung Phones

Word is trickling in through the wire that Apple just scored another court victory over Samsung. What does that mean? For now it looks like the United States International Trade Commission has ordered Samsung to stop selling and distributing devices that infringe on two Apple patents. Read More >>

Apple Is Finally Going to Ditch Samsung's Chips

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has finally signed a deal with something called Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to make its guts for future iPhones and iPads. Specifically, TSMC will start mass-producing 20 nanometer chips for Apple in 2014, paving way for longer battery life in Samsung-less iPhones and iPads. Read More >>

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Judge Cuts $450 Million off the $1 Billion Samsung Owes Apple

Judge Lucy Koh has given Samsung a huge discount on the damages it owes Apple. Originally billed to pay Apple over $1 billion, (£665 million) Judge Koh has cut $450,514,650 (£299 million) from Samsung's tab. The new total that Samsung owes is $598,908,892 (£398 million). Still an unfathomable amount of money but an unfathomable amount of money less now. Read More >>

Tim Cook Was Never Keen on Suing Samsung in the First Place

Everybody's knows about Steve Job's famous intentions to go thermonuclear on Android if necessary, but it seems that current CEO Tim Cook wasn't necessarily on the same tactical page. According to Reuters, unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation say that Cook was opposed to suing Samsung when the trouble started brewing, because Samsung was such a big parts supplier for Apple. Read More >>

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Judge Rules That Samsung Did Not Willfully Infringe on Apple's Patents

Because the court system is an inescapable never ending maze of appeals and paperwork, a ruling doesn't seem to mark the end of anything. Even when the court said Samsung had to pay a billion dollars to Apple back in August, it can rule something differently tomorrow. Or at least, tweak and overturn something. Last night, Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Samsung's infringement of the Apple patents were not 'willful' which means Samsung might be able to get a voucher on the billion it owes Apple. Maybe. Read More >>

The ITC's Proposing Some Rough Sanctions Against Patent-Infringing Samsung Phones

The Apple vs. Samsung battle is trucking along, and this time there's more bad news for Samsung. Yesterday, a somewhat censored version of presiding Judge Thomas Pender's suggested sanctions were published by the ITC and it includes not only an import and sales ban on the infringing products, but also the posting of a bond for 88 percent of the value of those phones. Read More >>

Apple's Pinch to Zoom Patent Has Been Tentatively Invalidated

Even though Apple scored a big victory against Samsung inside the court, it looks like Apple is losing its stronghold on its patents. After tentatively invalidating the 'Steve Jobs Patent' on multitouch, the USPTO has invalidated Apple's 'pinch to zoom' patent. The 'pinch to zoom' patent was crucial in scoring a billion dollars off of Samsung. Read More >>

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Apple Has Been Denied a Permanent Sales Ban on the Samsung Phones and Tablets That Infringed on Apple's Patents

Though Apple won a fresh billion dollars in the US patent infringement case that saw Samsung basically lose everything, Apple won't be able to kill Samsung products dead. Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge that presided over Apple v. Samsung, has denied Apple a permanent injunction against Samsung. Samsung can still sell the products that infringed on Apple's patents. Read More >>

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Court Demands Samsung Pay Apple £80,000 per Day

Must be an uncomfortable moment over at Samsung headquarters right now. Just weeks after mobile division head J.K. Shin talked some seriously big game, a court in the Netherlands granted one more point to Apple in the companies' ongoing patent lawsuits. Read More >>

Apple UK Seems Marginally More Apologetic as it Removes Page Resizing Code

Apple continues to make an absolutely huge mess of apologising to Samsung, with the Javascript that initially hid the legal correction from view now removed from the UK site so its half-arsed apology is a little more visible. Read More >>

Apple Hides Its Latest Samsung Apology With Some Clever Code

The saga of Apple’s court-enforced public apology to Samsung continues. The first, newspaper-printed mea culpa read as too tongue-in-cheek for the judge’s liking. Now it turns out that the follow-up, a condensed contrition on the Apple Store’s UK home page, has come with a few caveats as well. Namely, that you have to go hunting for it. Read More >>

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Apple Can't Even Say Sorry Correctly

Oh dear Apple, I know you're bitter and twisted about having to apologise to Samsung and tell the world that it didn't copy you, but at least you could do it right the first time eh? A UK Judge has slammed Apple for adding "untrue" and "incorrect" details to its apology. Read More >>

Too Bad This Apple-Samsung Fanboy Peace Treaty Isn't Real

The smartphone fanboy wars seem both ridiculous and eternal. It's like everywhere you go on the Internet, a simple statement of preference—even one that isn't pig-head and disparaging—can serve as the flash point for a fanboy skirmish. Isn't it about time we signed a peace treaty? Read More >>

Report: Apple's Trying to Wean Itself Off of Samsung's Chips

While Apple and Samsung have been duking it out over patents, there's always been the quiet, underlying irony that Samsung makes a whole bunch of the chips Apple relies on. Now, according to reports from CNET and MacRumors, Apple's trying to change that. Read More >>

Apple Hires Away Top Samsung CPU Designer to Build Custom Apple Chips

Apple just took a big step toward upping its chip-making game, and took a big swipe at Samsung in the process. According to the Wall Street Journal, Cupertino's hired away Jim Mergard, a well respected and vastly experienced engineer, from the Korean company. Read More >>


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