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Measured: A Picture Is Worth a 1000-Inches

By Roberto Baldwin on at

If you don't have a tape measure, buy one. But even if you do have a tape measure, there are things you just can't measure because they're either too large, or downright inaccessible. Instead of hauling out the ladder, let today's iPhone app, Measured, figure out the height and width for you by taking a photo.

The Social Network that Stole Christmas

By Mat Honan on at

Imagine a social network that combines the voyeurism of Facebook with the visual intimacy of Instagram, the real-time newsreel of Twitter with the exclusiveness of a backyard barbecue. It exists. It's Path. And over the past few weeks it's forever changed how I see my own little slice of the world. It's going to be huge.

How To Keep Track of All Your Friends Tonight

By Roberto Baldwin on at

"Hey, let's all meet at Bill's party around 8pm." And that conversation was the last time you saw half of your friends. Tonight is going to be insanity. You'll be lucky you even make it to midnight, let alone keep your group together. But you know what, let's try it anyways.