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Google Glass Looks Supercool (Compared With the Prototype)

One of Google's marketing people tasked with the job of convincing the world Google Glass is for normal people as well as skydiving tech nerds has released an image of a prototype, showing that Google tested its Glass hardware by humiliating its staff with a bulky headset, cables and a rucksack. Read More >>

google glass
Google Glass 2 Spec Includes Prescription Lens Compatibility, Mono Earbud

Google's about to upgrade its Google Glass hardware with new features, and the satisfied nerds already in possession of a pair of the tech-specs will be able to swap their existing Glass for a new one later this year. Read More >>

google glass
Next-Gen Google Glass Already Planned For 2014, and This Time It Will Be Cool

Google Glass -- it's Robocop, it's The Terminator, it's every sci-fi dream we've ever had, right? At least it should be: Glass may be causing nerdgasms all over Google Campus, but to Joe Bloggs it's the dorkiest looking gadget ever. Thankfully, Google is working on it. Read More >>

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Optinvent Ora-S Look to Out-Glass Google With "True AR" Spectacles

Google Glass may be grabbing all the headlines, but the search giant isn't the only company trying to make you look like a complete arse by encouraging you to strap a computer to your face. Joining the likes of Vuzix and Recon Instruments is Optinvent, whose Ora-S glasses aim to take on the Big G with a "True AR" mode. Read More >>

Japanese Network Next to Make You Look Like an Idiot With "Intelligent Glasses"

The latest bit of head-mounted tech to emerge is coming via Japanese mobile network NTT Docomo, which is demonstrating an augmented reality system with the power to translate menus live. Shame it makes you look demented by appearing to have a webcam taped to your head, though. Read More >>

The PS4 Will Ship With an AR Game, But Not the Camera the Game Needs

There are rumours Sony left out the PlayStation 4 Eye camera to beat the Xbox One on price. That's fine, I guess; it'll be a £45-odd add-on you'll just have to buy separately. So why the hell is Sony shipping an augmented reality game bundled with the PS4 that you can't use unless you buy the camera too? That's just dumb. Read More >>

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This is Pretty Much What Every Bloke Dreams Google Glass Could Be Like

Voice analyser? Check. Object and facial recognition on steroids? Check. Super-creepy combination that lets you tell whether a girl you're chatting up is interested in you, and then gives you hints to her innermost secrets? Of course. It's like Terminator-vision for playboys. Read More >>

augmented reality
Ex-Valve Engineers' Crazy AR Glasses Put Tiny Projectors On Your Face

Ex-Valve employees Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson had been hard at work on the project for over a year before Valve sliced off their bit of the company. Fortunately, Valve also let the project go with them, and the pair formed Technical Illusions to finish the sucker off. Now they're showing it off at Maker Faire where The Verge caught up with them.

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Turn Your Pool Table Into a Psychedelic Aquarium with Kinect-Powered Projection Effects

Pool is a fun game, but with just some coloured balls on a plain green field, the spectacle is a little lacking. We've already seen how some clever projection can turn anyone into a pool shark, but now OpenPool is taking it a step further by turning pool into a psychedelic rave of a game. Read More >>

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Anyone Can Be a Pool Shark When This Projector Calls the Shots

Pool is simple if you know your geometry. And physics. And have good hand-eye coordination. And while none of those seem that hard on their own, they can be a little tough to put together. But with a little help from tech, it becomes as easy as just keeping your eyes open. Read More >>

Google Glass Part Two: Super Double Binocular Vision

Patent watchers have uncovered a filing from Google which goes into some heavy detail about future developments of its Google Glass project, with the company registering a dual-HUD system that uses a laser alignment tool to keep the graphical overlays in the right spot above both eyes. Read More >>

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Bizarre Google Glass Imitator Golden-i Dramatised in YouTube Cyber Thriller

This is the weirdest video you'll see today, barring any German pornography you might be saving for the evening. It's a promotional thriller created to promote the Golden-i augmented reality headset, which, its makers claim, could allow police to apprehend bad people like never before. Read More >>

augmented reality
Augmented Reality Google Glass Biscuit Zoom Trick Makes You Eat Less

The simple act of digitally expanding the size of your food portions tricks the surprisingly stupid human brain into thinking it's eaten more than it actually has, which gives Google Glass the unlikely selling point of being an ace dieting tool for the bigger-boned tech enthusiast. Read More >>

Google Patents Bonkers Pop-Up... Projecting... Wireless... Touchscreen... Watch

The latest weird discovery from the brains of Google's development teams is what the tech giant is calling a "smart-watch," with Google registering the design of a watch that does, well, everything. Read More >>

Nokia's New City Lens and Maps Make Lumia an Augmented Reality King

Well this is a nice garnish Nokia's put on its new Lumia 900 superphone: an augmented reality app — called City Lens — that might actually be worth a damn. And it might make Nokia Maps the undisputed champ. Read More >>

AppBlaster 2 Now Lets You Pretend You're a Space Marine Using an Android Phone

The original AppBlaster for the iPhone and iPod touch brought AR gaming into the physical realm. Now, AppBlaster v2 adds support for Android too, so now you can blast the hordes of pesky aliens to smithereens on your weapon smartphone of choice. Read More >>


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