The Digital Museum Where Outdated Apps Can Live Forever

There's a crew of hero historians out there slurping up the Internet for posterity in case we want to see it later, but what about all the apps? Well now there's a place for them too. Parts of them, at least. Read More >>

You Can Now Download Your Entire Twitter History, Maybe

First came the filters, now another new Twitter feature has started rolling out. Some lucky users—and soon all of us—are now able to download their entire Twitter history. Read More >>

Twitter Is Finally Going To Let You Download All Your Old Tweets

Maybe you tweet mostly about lunch, or other seemingly inane things, but your Twitter stream forms something of a journal for most users. It is a micro-blog, after all. Now, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is saying you'll be able to download all your past tweets by the end of the year. Read More >>


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