iRobot's Inflatable Arm Could Be the Future of Grappling

If you remember our Bots of War series from last year, than you are familiar with iRobot's hardcore military robot fleet. But just because they're awesome doesn't mean they're done evolving. The comping generations may have lightweight, inflatable arms. Read More >>

Intel: Windows 8 on ARM Is an Uphill Fight

Windows 8 is stirring up a fair deal of controversy for Microsoft. Now, Intel has come out as saying that it thinks that running the new OS on ARM hardware is going to prove difficult. Read More >>

Is Microsoft Planning to Limit Your Browser Choice on Windows 8 Tablets?

If you're used to freely choosing which browser you use in Windows, brace yourself: Mozilla is claiming that Microsoft is planning to limit user choice for browsers on tablets running Windows 8. Read More >>

Windows 8 To Come in Three Editions (You Want The Last One)

Microsoft just announced what its Windows 8 lineup will look like. You're going to have three options to choose from: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT. But only two of those will be available as upgrades. Read More >>

You Should Be Able to Get Your Mitts On a Windows 8 Tablet Sooner Than You'd Think

We’ve been treated to a fairly solid consumer preview build of Microsoft’s latest and greatest, which honestly, we quite like. It’s obvious from the beta that Redmond is quite far along with Windows 8 development; it’s apparently aiming to finish up work on Windows 8 this summer, shoving it out on both x86 tablets and PCs in October with a few ARM-based Windows 8 tablets in the mix too. Read More >>

ARM's Super-Efficient New Chip Can Get "Years of Battery Life"

With processors, it's easy to get caught up in gigahertz and petaflops and the top-end specs. But blazing fast speed doesn't mean all that much for, say, your refrigerator. ARM's says its Cortex-M0+ chip will connect your dumb appliances to a smart grid, and offer "years" of battery life on some of them. Read More >>

windows 8
Windows 8 on ARM: Everything You Need To Know

Up until late last week Windows 8 on ARM was a complete mystery. We know the product existed, that it would launch at some point in the future, and it would sport the Metro interface Microsoft has been showing off for almost a year now. The silence on just about everything else had led many to wonder if Microsoft was further behind on the ARM version than they were letting on, but this week they finally opened up the information floodgates. Read More >>

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Windows on ARM Will Support Desktop Mode, But Won't Emulate Legacy Apps

Ever since Microsoft decided Windows 8 will support ARM-based CPUs, many wondered if that meant the traditional desktop experience would be supported as well. And if so, what about all the legacy apps developed for x86 CPUs? Windows 8 boss Steven Sinofsky has spoken. Yes, desktop mode is coming, but the old apps aren't. Read More >>

Door Open to Windows 8 Desktop Apps on ARM

One of the more keenly debated tech-nerd issues is that of the ARM-compatible version of Windows 8 and what it will/won't let us do. We already know it'll come with a locked bootloader, but we're still waiting on news as to whether desktop apps will run on ARM tablets. And it's starting to sound like they might. Read More >>

Apple Was Working On Porting OS X to ARM Processors

Apple seems to be doing very well with its own processors. But a recently published academic paper reveals that Apple was, at one point, attempting to port its operating system to work with ARM processors. Read More >>

ARM CEO: Intel Will Never Beat Us On Efficiency

At CES we saw Intel's first serious attempt at mobile processing, Medfield, being used in a handful of devices. Intel thinks it could give ARM a run for its money. ARM think differently. Read More >>

Microsoft Locks ARM-Based Windows 8 Devices -- No Android Hacking Fun

Microsoft is planning to implement the UEFI OS-booting system in Windows 8, which is fine. What's not very fine at all is that it'll be locking out other operating systems from the ARM version, meaning Windows 8 tablets won't be able to run anything else. Read More >>

windows 8
This Nvidia Tablet Is Why Windows 8 Will be Awesome

The next big version of Windows got a lacklustre reception when it first landed on a tablet. It looked and worked great, yeah, but was knocked for a little clunkiness. Now, it's running on superfast phone guts—and it will be great. Read More >>

PC Gamers, Get Out Your Penis Rulers: The Next 3DMark Is Coming

Futuremark, arbiter of all synthetic benchmarks that upend message boards and LAN party envies around the globe, is ready to make you feel bad about your rig all over again: 3DMark for Windows 8. But there's a twist! Read More >>

ARM Planning OCTO-CORE Mobile Graphics Processor for 2013

British chip company ARM has announced its latest processor evolution, in the form of its Mali-T658 GPU. ARM says this'll provide "desktop-class performance" with "ten times" the power of its 400 series found in the Galaxy S II. Read More >>


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