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How Armour is Evolving to Beat Tank-Smashing RPGs

Like the AK-47, the Soviet RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade has become one of the most widely-distributed infantry weapons on Earth, used by everyone from E8 nations to guerilla insurgency groups in every major conflict since Vietnam. But their ubiquitousness nature has kicked off a global race focused on how to beat them. Read More >>

This Artistic Armour Defends Against Everything but Funny Looks

It's not easy being an artist these days, what with protesters smashing your art
and Cossacks smashing your face. Thankfully, one Chicago-area artist has devised an ideal solution for protecting performers: delightfully-psychedelic cloth armour suits that won't inhibit the wearer's artistic freedom. Freedom of movement is another matter, however. Read More >>

TALOS "Iron Man" Exoskeleton Army Armour Ready for Trials

Remember the "Iron Man" exoskeleton that the US Army was looking into providing its troops in the near future? It's taken a step towards becoming a common sight on the battlefield, as the sci-fi armour is now said to be about to enter field testing. Read More >>

Somebody Tell This Chinese News Show That Halo's Master Chief Isn't Part of the US Army

They've already fictitiously employed the services of Captain America and Iron Man; the US Army would be all-but invincible if they somehow convinced Master Chief to join their ranks too. Thankfully, just like the comic book heroes, he's not a real person, so that will never happen. Somebody should tell the China Central Television station that though, as it's convinced Uncle Sam is putting together an army of 26th Century super-soldiers. Read More >>

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OK, Robocop's New Armour Looks a Little Better Now

The last we saw of the rebooted Robocop's armour, it was, well, a bit like Batman crossed with Tron -- not exactly the cop made of bullet-proof steel I remember. But this new shot shows signs of improvement. Maybe the Robocop reboot won't be utter rubbish after all. Read More >>

Medieval Hoodie Makes You a Knight In Shining Cotton

One hit from a sword and you'll be dead faster than your social standing once you wear this out in public, but you won't find a more comfortable suit of armour than this plated hoodie created by Etsy seller Chadwick Dillon. Read More >>

Unbelievable Assassin Bug Wears Its Victims' Corpses as Armour

Like a real-life version of the Predator—that's barely a half-inch in size—the aptly named assassin bug wears the bodies of its victims like trophy armour after liquefying and consuming their innards. Disgusting. Read More >>


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