Suspected Criminal Taunts Police on Facebook, Gets Busted Five Minutes Later

Wanted man Rolando Lozano posted a message on the Facebook page of his local police force, goading them into coming and catching him. So they went and caught him. Then bragged about it themselves afterwards. Read More >>

3d printing
Manchester Cops Seize 3D Printed Gun in Mass Organised Crime Bust

A possibly dangerous Liberator 3D printed gun has been found by police as part of a larger drugs bust around the country, with Manchester cops finding components that could make a "viable gun" in a house in Baguley.  Read More >>

Four UK Silk Road Shoppers Arrested Following FBI Shutdown of Drug Trading Site

Four UK men have been arrested by our National Crime Agency in the wake of the arrest of alleged Silk Road kingpin Ross Ulbricht, with the four users of the site unsurprisingly held on suspicion of supplying controlled drugs. Read More >>

Brazil Plans to Lock Up Google President

A judge in Brazil has issued an order to have the boss of Google Brazil arrested, in a rather intense and spectacular fight over the legality of certain YouTube videos. Read More >>

17-Year-Old Geordie Boy Arrested as Possible TeamPoison Hacker

Northumbria Police under guidance from the UK's Police Central eCrime Unit have arrested a teenager in Newcastle, accusing the youth of being part of one of the internet's notorious hacking collectives known as TeamPoison. Read More >>

Anonymous Suspects Arrested in Global Crackdown

Several alleged members of the Anonymous activist group will soon be asked to confirm their names and addresses by authorities, thanks to a global clampdown that has seen dozens of supposed Anonymous members arrested. Read More >>


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