Evolving Entertainment: The True Next-Gen of Video Games?

What does "next-gen" mean to you? Star Trek aside, the term has become synonymous with the newest video game consoles, though some would argue that the next generation of gaming lies elsewhere. Read More >>

Gah! They've Taught Drones How To Weave Giant Spider Webs Now

It's becoming painfully aware that those involved in robotics and artificial intelligence research aren't quite thinking about the consequences of their so-called innovations. Like these researchers at ETH Zurich who've taught autonomous drones how to build and weave tensile wire structures. Or, to put it another way, DRONE WEBS OF DOOM. Read More >>

Just How Smart Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the Holy Grail of computer science—and, for that matter, science fiction. But just how far have we come? Read More >>

Microsoft's Siri Is Based on Cortana, Halo's Sexy AI Character

Microsoft is next in line to build a mobile personal assistant, one that's more than more than a robotic voice that obeys spoken commands. The feature will tie together all Microsoft products. So it's probably appropriate that it'll be named Cortana after the artificially intelligent character in Halo. Read More >>

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How Machines Think

When people talk about artificial intelligence, it's tempting to think that it means computers can think (a little) like humans. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out that's not quite the case. Read More >>

One of the World's Best A.I. Computers Is as Smart as a Four Year Old

Computers are good at a lot of things. Thinking like a grown-up human being is not one of them. Not yet, at least. Read More >>

Google and NASA Are Building the Future of AI With a Quantum Supercomputer

Google and NASA have announced that they're teaming up to create a laboratory focussed on developing the future of artificial intelligence — using quantum supercomputers. Read More >>

The Most Realistic Virtual Human Ever Is a Fully Expressive Talking Head

Hoping to be holding the personal assistant of the future, researchers at the University of Cambridge have unveiled what's supposedly the most realistically expressive controllable avatar ever. Move aside, Siri — this is what you get for mouthing off. Read More >>

Supercomputer "Dr." Watson Is Now Seeing Patients

Everybody's favourite clue-guessing computer Watson was always destined for more than just trouncing meatbags on Jeopardy. And though it spent a little of its time just hanging out and learning how to swear, Watson has now moved on to bigger and better things. "Dr". Watson's taking patients now, through a cloud-based medical application. Read More >>

The Smartest Computer in the World Also Has the Dirtiest Mouth

We already knew Ken Jennings thought IBM's Jeopardy-winning supercomputer was a dick, but he's not alone. Developers at IBM were forced to wipe part of Watson's memory once they realized their hyperintelligent computer had turned into a bit of a twat. Read More >>

The Most Realistic Artificial Brain Has a Mind of Its Own

Computers can do practically anything these days, but they're still a far cry from robotic brains that don't just do what they're told but actually think for themselves. The Semantic Pointer Architecture Unified Network, or Spaun, is one of those, and it's creeping up on human intelligence. Read More >>

What It's Like to Judge the Turing Test

"What are your favourite Sci Fi movies?" "I like Star Wars and The Matrix," comes the typed reply. I am trying to work out if I'm talking to a "hidden human" in the next room, or actually a machine located somewhere in cyberspace. Read More >>

Here's How Robots Will Save Our Lives in the Future

At the Navy's brand, new multi-million dollar LASR complex, researchers are creating problem-solving Siri times a million. It'll understand us! It'll be friendly! And it'll put out our fires by being just as smart as a human. We hope. Read More >>

Our Robot Overlords Will Have Baby Brains

Scientists are modelling artificial intelligence after baby brains. Why would they want to make computers similar to beings whose favourite pastimes are drooling and pooping? It makes perfect sense when you think about how malleable a baby's gray matter is. Read More >>

This Computer Program Is Smarter Than 96 Per Cent of Humans

Computers will never be able to subjugate the human race with their current level of intellect. Thankfully, a team of Swedish researchers have developed an AI with an IQ of 150. Read More >>

Wolfram Alpha Pro Arrives Tomorrow With the Power to Analyse Data and Graphics

Wolfram Alpha may or may not be one of my favourite things in tech right now. It'll spew movie times; compare football stats; help you cheat in Words With Friends and tell you exactly what aeroplane you're staring at in the sky. And now with tomorrow's arrival of Wolfram Alpha Pro, the company, in its founder's words, begins "step 2." Read More >>


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