The World's First Lab-Grown Meat Burger Tastes Terrible (Surprise!)

BBC correspondent Pallab Ghosh was present at the meat's inaugural tasting event, and live-tweeted the tasters metered reaction to the lab-grown meat. Read More >>

A 3D-Printed Hamburger Would Cost You £190,000

Making fake meat in a lab sure isn't easy, but 3D printing promises to revolutionise the process. The only downside: a 3D-printed hamburger will set you back £190,000. Read More >>

The First Lab-Grown Hamburger Will Cost £220,000

We've already talked about lab-grown meat before and the challenge of making it resemble real meat in both taste and texture. But once that feat is accomplished, it will cost £220,000 to produce a single, artificially-made hamburger. Read More >>


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