Liars and Cheats Make for Better Artists

He may have been Geppetto's creation, but Pinocchio may have been the real artist out of the two, if a new study from Harvard University researchers is accurate. They have found a strong correlation between lying and creative abilities. Read More >>

This Super-Creepy Baby Doll is Pregnant, and Her Foetus is Pregnant Too

British artist Darren Cullen has taken doll culture to new extremes with his disturbing creation, 'Baby's First Baby', which we can only hope will never hits the shelves. The top of the box reads "real pregnancy action", and to be fair, there is significant degree of realism here. Listed features include "cravings", "stretch marks", and "waters [that] really break". What the actual heck? Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Goes From MegaUpload to MegaBox In His Fight Against the Music Industry

You can't keep a good Internet entrepreneur down, even if he's under house arrest. Kim Dotcom, locked-up over the whole MegaUpload mess, has just announced his newest venture, MegaBox -- a new music site to take on the music industry and "unchain" artists. Read More >>


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