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This Crazy Machine Let Astronauts Experiment With Fluids 30 Years Ago

It might look more like an engine from an ageing car than a piece of engineering fit for space, but this machine was a pioneering piece of apparatus that allowed astronauts to experiment with fluids in space. Read More >>

Astronauts Arrive Home in a Brilliant Ball of Fire

Without any context, it looks like something has gone terribly, terribly wrong in the photo above taken around midnight last night. But that little ball engulfed in flames is doing just fine—and so are the three members of the International Space Station Expedition 36 that were snuggly inside and on their way home. Read More >>

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Inside the International Space Station's Tool Kit

When you're floating in space, it pays to be prepared, so it's perhaps no surprise that the International Space Station packs a pretty impressive tool kit. Those obsessed by workshops and making, prepare to drool. Read More >>

How to Put on a Space Suit

If you think wriggling into your cycling lycra or trussing yourself up in a tux is tricky, think again. Donning an astronaut's space suit is no mean feat—as this video shows. Read More >>

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This In-Depth ISS Tour Lets You Experience Life 205 Miles Above the Earth

Even the most opulent Beverly Hills home featured on Cribs can't even begin to compare to this half-hour tour of the International Space Station led by NASA ISS Commander Sunita Williams just hours before she returned to Earth on the Soyuz TMA-05M spacecraft. Read More >>

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Watch a NASA Astronaut Describe the Complexities of Photography in Space

Donald Pettit is, as well as being a NASA astronaut, an exceptionally keen photographer — which is why he has over 10 top-of-line DSLR cameras littering the International Space Station. In this video, he talks about the complexities, and joys, of photography in space. Read More >>

The First Astronaut-Robot Handshake in Space

There's nothing like a good, firm handshake. Especially when it's with a robot, and you're in space. Yesterday, NASA's Robonaut completed its systems checks aboard the International Space Station — and celebrated with a handshake. Read More >>

This Awesome Image of the Space Station Could Be a Lost Star Wars Frame

This blurry image could be a lost Star Wars frame but it's real. I've spent about five minutes looking at it in silence, thinking about how would it feel to be that astronaut. His name is Ron Garan. Read More >>


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