ASUS Zen UI is an Android Re-Skin You'll Actually Want to Use

“Re-skin, re-skin, re-skin”. Say it three times and the Android bogey-monster will appear. So often we’re subjected to bloated, horrid Android interfaces unique to individual manufacturer’s personal whims that it comes as a pleasant surprise to announce that the Asus Zen UI is actually pretty good. Read More >>

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Asus ZenFones: An Android Army with Intel Inside

After years of bringing you the horror/glory that is the PadFone and FonePad, Asus is branching out on its phone fone offerings and introducing not one, not two, but three flavours of "ZenFone," Android handsets with ultrabook lineage.
The three new flavours of phone come in four, five, and six inch sizes, rather unsurprisingly, and rep Android with a layer of Asus's new "Zen UI" slathered on top. You know, an Android skin. All of these buggers are colourful, and the 4 line almost recalls some sort of pastel Nokia. Kind of. Read More >>

Asus Transformer Book Duet: One Laptop, Two Tablets, All the Crazy

Once upon a time (last June) Asus announced its Transformer Book Trio; a Windows PC with an Android tablet hiding inside. Now with the Transformer Book Duet, Asus is pushing its "more is more" approach one step further by adding "Windows 8.1 tablet" to the repertoire. Read More >>

An Asus-Built Google Nexus 10 Tablet Appears to Be on Its Way

We've had a revised Nexus 7 tablet already this year, so naturally it's about time we got a re-worked Nexus 10 tablet too. And it looks as though it's almost ready! But not from the manufacturer you're expecting; it seems Samsung has lost the Nexus 10 contract to Nexus 7 manufacturers Asus. Read More >>

The State of Cheating in Android Benchmarks: Everybody's Doing It

Samsung has been blamed before for fudging the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S3 in order to make the phones perform faster than it does naturally in benchmarks. But Anandtech has run the numbers and found that pretty much every smartphone maker is cheating. Read More >>

4G Nexus 7 Now Available For Your SIM-Swapping Superfast Tablet Dreams

The UK wing of Google's Play shop has started selling the LTE version of the Nexus 7, with the machine now yours for £299. The free shipping offer is still in place, so that's the price you pay for the 4G dream machine. Read More >>

The Best Haswell-Updated Computers

There's a decent chance that a fair few of you will be stumping up for a new laptop in the next month or two, as uni students head back to halls to discover the wonders of the internet, school kids indulge in Facebook, and regular people, y'know, buy laptops. But before you do, take a moment to work out which machines have been updated with the new generation of Intel goodness. Read More >>

Asus Throws Five New Android Tablets at Unsuspecting IFA Audience

Asus, triumphant from the successes of the Nexus 7 series, has gone completely tablet bonkers at IFA this week, revealing five new types of slightly different black and white rectangle for those not won over by the 7-inch Nexus. Read More >>

The New Asus Zenbooks Are Covered in Gorilla Glass Now (???)

We'd been waiting on this one—the Zenbook is finally getting a refresh. And for whatever reason, Asus has decided to cover one of the prettier ultrabooks out there in a sheet of Gorilla Glass. Which, hey, sure. Read More >>

The New Nexus 7 Will Hit UK Shores on August 28th

Asus confirmed last night that the tablet we've all been waiting for, the 2013 Nexus 7 with that gorgeous 1080p screen and svelte profile, will be stocking UK store shelves by the 28th of August. Time to get saving your £200. Trust me, you'll want this 7-incher. Read More >>

The New Nexus 7 Has Gone Up For Pre-Order In the US for $230 (£150) Already

Best Buy's online store provides full-res images of the new tablet, making clear the new rear camera and Nexus branding. The shop also confirms all those specs we've already heard of: a 1920 x 1200 (323ppi) display, 2GB of RAM, 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 8064 processor with Adreno 320 graphics, and new 5-megapixel rear camera. It also confirms that the slate will be running Android 4.3. Read More >>

A Cheap iPad Is Your "Wait, What, Discounts on Apple Products?" Deal of the Day

It's almost the weekend and we're right in the mood for a tablet showdown -- a tussle between the market leader and a young pretender, battling it out for your affection and cash money. Read More >>

Asus' New Three-in-One: Crouching Windows PC, Hidden Android Tablet

Asus has already been experimenting with mixing Android and Windows in the same device with its bizarre but intriguing 18.5-inch Transformer All-in-One desktop, giant-Android-slab-thing. Now, it's taking the concept to its logical extreme with the new Transformer Book Trio, dual processor-weilding device that staking its claim to tablet, notebook, and desktop territory. Read More >>

The Asus G10 Desktop Has its Own Mini Battery Pack, For (25 Seconds of) Portable Power

The Asus G10 is a new desktop being pitched at people who worry about power interruptions ruining their work or gaming sessions, with the thing including a proprietary battery that can keep a whole desktop running for around 25 seconds. Read More >>

This Beautiful New Asus Ultrabook Is Dripping In Glass

Asus has been busy announcing a slew of new products at Computex in Taipei overnight and, while many of them are deeply unremarkable, a glass-coated ultrabook and updated Transformer Pad Infinity should be enough to pique your interest. Read More >>


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