You Could Accidentally Swallow the World's Smallest Atari

Forget your old Game Boy, Game Gear, or even your smartphone; when it comes to compact gaming hardware, Adam from SheekGeek's got everyone beat. Using the tiny display from an old Sony viewfinder and an all-in-one Atari joystick, he created what is easily the world's smallest game console, putting even a Tamagotchi to shame. Read More >>

Atari Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Some good news: the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Atari Inc. is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which could see the retro computer game company live on. Read More >>

An Atari Flashback 3 Is Your Retro-Gaming-Fix Deal of the Day

Hey you over there! Yes, you, the modern gamer. Look at you, with your flashing, whirring consoles and their scores of features and fancy capabilities. You need taking down a peg or two and taught a history lesson. Read More >>

Skip Some Work and Play Some Classic HTML5-Powered Atari Games In Your Browser

As if you didn't need any more distractions from work with the likes of Twitter and Facebook gleaming onto office monitors around the world, you can now waste a good chunk of time playing some visually-updated classics like Asteroids, Centipede or even Pong from the comfort of your browser in the Atari Arcade. Read More >>

steve jobs
Buy a Handwritten Note by 19-Year-Old Steve Jobs

Sotheby's is auctioning off a little piece of Apple history: an engineering memo penned by an unbearable teenage Steve Jobs before Apple even existed—the earliest known document the man produced. Read More >>

This Nerdy Instrument is Part Atari Console Part Guitar

The gAtari is a "musical instrument" that basically consists of an Atari 2600 playing pre-programmed tunes, which has been hacked together with a few guitar effects processors. It's kind of like an Atari keytar. The resulting music is scatterbrained weirdness that's impossible to describe. Read More >>


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