How Olympic Athletes' Bodies Have Changed Over the Years

When you watch footage of the Olympics from back in the 1920s, it's hard to imagine the athletes involved did any training at all. Their physiques are predominantly what we would consider average, not the sculpted and toned competitors we know today. But that's because back then the image of the ideal athlete was based on classical human proportions—and average was considered ideal. Read More >>

Athlete Tweets About His Love for the Galaxy S4 from an iPhone

Like how BlackBerry spokesperson Alicia Keys got caught using an iPhone, Ferrer made the same embarrassing mistake of shilling for a company while actually using its competitor's device. The offending tweet, which was obviously supposed to be an advertisement to his followers, said: Read More >>

Can a Pair of Socks Really Make a Difference in Athletic Performance?

A pair of socks is a pair of socks is a pair of socks. Right? Not anymore. Even a pair of socks have technology that can improve athletic performance now. Read More >>

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Lean, Mean Gifts for the Fitness Zealot

Got someone in your life who's addicted to exercise? Someone who proselytizes the active lifestyle? There are so many fitness-related items out there it's hard to separate the muscular wheat from the sweaty chaff. But we've selected a few of our favourite items you could get your fit friend, if you can catch them. Read More >>

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This Extreme Athlete-Powered Rube Goldberg Machine Is Just Incredible

Yeah, it's absolutely an ad for Red Bull but so what. This extreme athlete-powered Rube Goldberg 'machine' is even better than the free running machine they pulled off a month ago. Watch the entire thing and you won't believe how they use world famous athletes like Lolo Jones and Ryan Scheckler to pull off one stunning act after another. Read More >>

How Is It Possible That Olympic Athletes Keep Breaking World Records?

The Olympics are over. Athletes have been crowned. GIFs have been made. And World records have been broken. In four years, we'll do the same thing all over again. And world records will continue to be broken. How is that possible? How do Olympic athletes keep getting better and keep breaking records? Will it ever stop? Can humans ever "max out"? Read More >>

This Robotic Swimming Humanoid Is No Match For Phelps

If Tokyo Tech's swimming android robot—awkwardly dubbed the Swumanoid—is any indication, our Olympic athletes don't have to worry about any cybernetic competition for at least a few more years. But for the time being, this robot is actually designed to help improve a human swimmer's performance and gear. Read More >>

How Olympic Pole Vaulters Travel with Their Gigantic Poles

You would think that if you were an Olympic athlete, you could fleet through airport security, fly on a G6 and walk on clouds til you reach the Olympic Park. Not exactly true! For pole vaulters, it's a pain in the arse to travel because of, well, their gigantic poles. Read More >>

The Olympics Gets Its Own Facebook Portal But Athletes Still Can't Post

The London 2012 Olympics has its very own shiny new Facebook portal where you can catch up with what athletes are up to. The only problem is they can't post because of LOCOG's harsh social media restrictions. Just a news feed then? Read More >>

Vibrating Suit Lets Athletes in Training Know When They're Doing It Right

It seems the home team might have a bit of an advantage at this Summer's Olympic games. British athletes have been training with what's called the MotivePro Suit, an awkward-looking getup that tracks their movements and provides vibrating feedback when they've nailed a routine. Read More >>

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What Are Steroids?

You might have a friend who has to take them for asthma. You might know someone else who denies taking them but has gotten crazy ripped really fast and angers easily. Read More >>

Nike Designed a Shoe For Prosthetic Running Blades

With prosthetic limbs designed to look like a human foot, wearing a shoe is no problem. But the unique shape of those carbon fibre prosthetic blades worn by athletes obviously can't accommodate a traditional shoe, so Nike invented a new one. Read More >>

A Sumo's Fingers May Matter More Than His Weight

Sumo wrestlers: they're huge. The huger the better. End of story, right? Read More >>


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