Samsung's ATIV Book 9 Gets a Bigger Screen and Killer Battery Life

Samsung's ATIV Book 9 line (formerly Series 9) has always had a silly name but a beautiful body. Now Samsung's refreshing the Ultrabook for 2014 with better guts, a slightly bigger screen, a killer battery, and more. Read More >>

Samsung Ativ Q Hands-On: A Pixel Too Far

Samsung's just upped its game in the convertible tablet range, bringing out a well-built sliding Windows tablet with one hell of a screen and the ability to run Windows 8 and Android simeltaneously. It's a decent machine, but not quite all it's cracked up to be. Read More >>

Here Are All Samsung's New Windows Laptops

Samsung has just launched (not into the crowd, sadly) a whole bevy of brank-spanking-new Windows devices here in London. We've got convertibles, tablets, laptops, all-in-ones -- it's a proper Samsung-Microsoft lovefest here in Earls Court. Some of them look pretty decent, though this being Samsung, it looks like there are some right howlers in the bunch too. Read More >>

Samsung's Busted Out Two New ATIV Tablets

Samsung's just hit us with two new ATIV tablets, the Q and the Tab 3. Both run Windows, though the Q can run both Windows and Android, thanks to some software trickery, it seems. More details to follow. Read More >>

Samsung's Got Yet More Android and Windows Phones on the Way For a London Event

Samsung seems to be basically "pulling an HTC" of old, flooding the market with oodles of Android devices in the hope that you'll buy one or two. After the Galaxy S4 launch, Samsung announced yesterday that it's holding a Galaxy and ATIV premiere in London on June 20th, which means even more Android devices and a few Windows Phones to add to the roster. Will we see the Galaxy Tab 3.0, finally? [Samsung] Read More >>

Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T: Don't Expect Any Miracles

Samsung's Ativ Smart PC tablet is supposed to be a tablet-sized tablet that can run all of your desktop apps. It is all that, sort of. But it's also a mix of things that are impressive, tolerable, and totally unacceptable — sometimes all at once. Read More >>

Samsung's Going With Windows Phone 8 (and Surface Competitors) too

Maybe it's smarting from the recent Apple victory in the courts, but either way you slice it, Samsung's pretty jazzed by Windows 8, including Windows Phone 8, with the ATIV tablet line, and the ATIV S phone. Read More >>


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