London Would Look Like Waterworld If the Polar Ice Caps Melted

Remember Kevin Costner's gills in Waterworld? They could come in useful should the polar ice caps ever melt, as London, New York and numerous other major cities across the world would be submerged beneath the rising tides. Read More >>

This Is What a Shrink-Wrapped Space Shuttle Looks Like

I've seen the space shuttle in every possible way and angle. Even at the launch pad at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. But I've never seen it completely shrink-wrapped, as if someone just ordered one from Amazon. Read More >>

Britain's Real-Life Lost City of Atlantis Found At the Bottom of the North Sea

Atlantis may be a myth, but Britain's got a real-life lost city of its own called "Doggerland". Submerged in the North Sea, it's believed to have been home to tens of thousands of people, and woolly mammoths -- the real "heartland" of Europe -- before being swamped by water. Now you too can see it. Read More >>

Did NASA Cover Up This UFO Sighting From the Space Shuttle Atlantis?

A new video of astronauts attempting to work out what the hell three floating “orbs” are out the window of the Space Shuttle Atlantis has emerged. It was filmed on the Shuttle’s final mission in space. NASA ground control thinks it’s just lens reflections of space junk and it could be right, but the astronauts don’t seem so convinced. Read More >>

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One of the Most Beautiful Images of the Space Shuttle

Some cray cray individuals think that the Canary Islands were the door to the lost continent of Atlantis. That's one of the reasons I like this image of Atlantis—the space shuttle—flying parallel to the Canarian island of Tenerife. Read More >>


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