The Future of PIN Could Involve Colour and Shape Buttons

The PIN system is an ageing and not entirely secure technique, especially when it comes to ATMs. But a new system that uses colour and shapes may go at least some way to solving the problem. Read More >>

Cash Machine Notspots in the UK's Poorest Areas Add to the Misery of Poverty

300,000 of the UK's poorest people don't have access to a free ATM, meaning the banks and cash machine operators are heaping small amounts of extra misery on those who have no choice but to pay should they want to withdraw their cash locally. Read More >>

An Imprisoned Hacker Invented an ATM Attachment That Stops Skimmers

Valentin Boanta has a lot of free time on his hands—five years worth, to be exact. That's because Boanta is currently serving a prison sentence for, according to Reuters, "supplying gadgets to an organised crime gang used to conceal ATM skimmers." So with all that time to think about what he's done, the apparently penitent prisoner spent six months developing an ATM add-on to prevent the exact crime that put him there in the first place. Read More >>

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Watch This ATM Machine Get Blown to Bits and Pieces By Genius Thieves

If you're looking to steal money from an ATM, what do you do? Try to wheel it to your house and smash it until it opens? Continually rob people who try to take money out of the machine? Hmm, what about just blowing the freaking ATM up to smithereens with explosives. That's what these thieves did at a petrol station in Hampshire. Read More >>

ATM Skimming Is Now Prolific on Payment Terminals and Ticket Machines

ATM skimming has become an art in recent years, with the devices that crooks use becoming ever more sophisticated. But fraudsters are broadening their reach, with payment terminals and ticket machines now just as much targets as ATMs. Read More >>

You Can't Even See The Latest ATM Card Skimmers

While there have been plenty of terrifyingly-realistic card skimmers in the past, we have bad news for you: the latest breed of skimmers are so thin that they're inserted into the ATM, so you can't see them at all. Read More >>

This Island Tiki Hut Hides A Lot of Money

You see that phone booth-sized tiki hut made of bamboo, stone and glass? That's a specially-made building that houses the only ATM in a village. On top of that, it's completely solar powered, naturally designed for its island and holds a whole lotta cash. Read More >>

Forget Your Bank Card, All Your Need Is Your Phone to Get Cash Out Now

The phone looks set to claim another victim -- the humble bank card seems on the way out, thanks to RBS, Natwest and NCR. You can now request up to £100 using just your phone and an ATM, perfect for emergency beer money. Read More >>

Biometric ATM Reads Palms, Not Debit Cards

Want some cash in Gifu Prefecture, Japan? Come September, you'll be able to just press some flesh with one of Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank's biometric ATMs to access your accounts. Read More >>

These Are Objectively the Worst Cash Points in the World

These cash points would be perfect if the world was filled with giant oafs and little imps but uh, it's not. That's why they're so completely horrible—normal people can't reach one cash point because it's too high while they have to go down to their knees to use the other. Read More >>

Safe, Smart, and... Fun? The Surprising Science of ATMs

Using an automated teller machine is inherently risky. You stand there, your back turned, signaling to everyone around that you're about to have a wad of tens in your pocket. If you're lucky, there's a security guard on duty. But usually it's just you and whoever is lurking in that little convex mirror. Read More >>

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Cashpoint Gives Out This Dead Mouse After Delivering Cash

You know the economy is really going to bloody hell when ATMs start to pay bank customers with dead rodents, which is exactly what happen to Gholam Hafezi, the guy in this photo. He got his cash and the dead Mickey on the left. Read More >>

Fraudsters Now Using 3D Printers To Make Authentic Looking ATM Skimmers

What looks like the card slot from an American bank ATM is actually a sophisticated card skimmer removed from a branch of Chase Bank in West Hills, California. And police believe a 3D printer may have been used to create it. Read More >>

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Man Braves Snake To Retrieve Cash From ATM Machine

What if you were trying to get money out of the ATM machine, and instead you got a snake? That's what happened to this poor bastard at a Caja Madrid bank on his way to work. But he reached past the slithering creature and grabbed his money anyway. Brave! Read More >>


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